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Mission Avenue within the city of Oceanside between Coast Highway (Historic U.S. 101 and San Diego County Route S-21) and presumably either Foussat Road or Frazee Road is designated as California 76 Business. Few if any route markers for the business route are present along Mission Avenue itself, but two markers are prominently posted, one each on Interstate 5 north and south.

The business route was created in November 1995 when the initial segment of California 76 expressway opened to traffic, extending from Interstate 5 and CR S-21 (Coast Highway / Historic U.S. 101) east to Foussat Road. The second phase of the expressway project (completed 1999) installed overpasses wherever Mission Avenue met the expressway. This project might have resulted in an extension of the business route further east to Frazee Road, but it is not clear that any signage was added to reflect this presumption. The intersection between Mission Avenue and Frazee Road was reconstructed so that Mission Avenue no longer directly merged back onto the new expressway, so the business route is essentially disconnected from its parent route even if it made it as far east as Frazee Road.3

Finally, looking at the area in 2012, no "Route 76 Business Next Left" signage is evident along westbound California 76 at either the Frazee Road or Foussat Road intersections. Given the lack of reassurance and trailblazer signage, and also the undetermined eastern end, it is arguable as to whether California 76 Business still exists at all.

Oceanside Pier

Located west of Old U.S. 101 (Coast Highway) near the western end of Mission Avenue (California 76 Business) in Oceanside, Oceanside Municipal Fishing Pier was built in 1925 and restored in 1987. The pier offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities and fishing. Photos taken 01/31/10.

California 76 Business west
Mission Avenue (SR 76 Business) enters a six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 5 in Oceanside. Photo taken 07/25/04.
The Pacific Ocean comes into view as westbound SR 76 Business (Mission Avenue) meets the on-ramp to Interstate 5 south. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Westbound California 76 Business (Mission Boulevard) enters Downtown Oceanside beyond I-5. The coast highway is shared between Historic U.S. 101 and San Diego County Route S-21 Photo taken 07/25/04.
SR 76 Business (Mission Avenue) concludes at Historic U.S. 101 (Coast Highway). Historic U.S. 101 signs were placed in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar through the late 1990s and 2000s. Photo taken 07/25/04.

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