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SR 165 at I-5 - Merced County, CA
SR 165 branches north from Interstate 5 at a rural exchange (Exit 391) in southern Merced County. Photo taken 07/12/18.

California State Route 165 connects Interstate 5 south of Los Banos with California 99 in Turlock. The rural highway bee lines north across agricultural areas of the Central Valley to Los Banos, Great Valley Grasslands State Park, Stevinson and Hilmar.

SR 165 north
SR 165 reassurance marker posted between I-5 (Westside Highway) and Pole Line Road. 2002
Transitioning into the urban area of Turlock, the daytime headlight requirement along SR 165 (Lander Avenue) northbound ends. 07/10/18
Northbound SR 165 (Lander Avenue) enters the Turlock city limits at Simmons Road. 07/10/18
SR 165 north ends at a diamond interchange with SR 99, 1.25 miles south of the Turlock city center. 07/10/18
SR 99 bypasses Turlock to the west between Delhi and Keyes. 07/10/18
SR 99 ventures north from SR 165 in Turlock to Modesto, Stockton and Sacramento. 07/10/18
SR 165 south
Lander Avenue leads south from Downtown Turlock to meet SR 99 at the north end of SR 165. 07/10/18
Leaving the city of Turlock, SR 165 (Lander Avenue) transitions into a rural highway, with a daylight headlight section commencing south of Simmons Road. 07/10/18
The first confirming marker for SR 165 south accompanies a distance sign posted four miles from the unincorporated community of Hilmar. 07/10/18
SR 165 confirming marker posted south of SR 33/125 (Pacheco Boulevard) in Los Banos. 07/12/18
Merced County milepost 8.50 for SR 165 stands just south of SR 33/152 in Los Banos. 07/12/18
A HAWK signal operates at SR 165 and Scripps Drive east for an adjacent elementary school. 07/12/18
Pioneer Road stems west from SR 165 along suburban areas on the south side of Los Banos. 07/12/18
SR 165 is a safety corridor leading across agricultural areas south of Los Banos. 07/12/18
A 1949-built bridge spans Main Canal along SR 165. 07/12/18
Reassurance marker posted south of Copa De Oro Avenue. 07/12/18
SR 165 (Mercey Springs Road) south at Cotton Road east. 07/12/18
Semi trucks appear along Interstate 5 ahead of the Diablo Range foot hills to the southwest. 07/12/18
Crossing Outside Canal on SR 165 south. 07/12/18
SR 165 shield posted after the intersection with Charleston Road. 07/12/18
SR 165 (Mercey Springs Road) south at Delta Mendota Canal. 07/12/18
SR 165 and Interstate 5 converge 3.3 miles south of Delta-Mendota Canal. 07/12/18
The California Aqueduct parallels I-5 along the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. 07/12/18
Pole Line Road branches southeast from SR 165 to Nees Avenue. 07/12/18
State Route 165 concludes at a diamond interchange with Interstate 5. 07/12/18
I-5 (Westside Highway) runs along the east side of the Diablo Range toward Tracy. 07/12/18
The SR 165 roadway ends at the southbound entrance ramp for I-5 to Los Angeles. 07/12/18

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  • 2002 by Trevor Carrier.
  • 07/10/18 by AARoads.
  • 07/12/18 by AARoads.

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