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California 166 connects Guadalupe and Santa Maria and the Central Coast with California 99 and Interstate 5 near Mettler. The route passes through Cuyama and Maricopa along the way, but it most of the country through which it passes is largely rural.

SR 166 scenes
Soda Lake Road crosses into Kern County from San Luis Obisop County at this distance sign referencing SR 166 two miles ahead. The locally maintained road connects SR 33 and 166 with Carrizo Plains National Monument. 01/12/04
Soda Lake Road runs southeast along the San Andrews Rift to end at SR 33 and 166. A white postmile appears at the south end of the road for Kern County Route 334. 01/12/04

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01/12/04 by AARoads

Connect with:
Interstate 5
U.S. 101

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