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California 197 is North Bank Road along the Smith River in Del Norte County. Traveling 6.7 miles, the state route connects U.S. 199 (Redwood Highway) near Jedediah Smith State Park with U.S. 101 north to Smith River and Brookings, Oregon.

SR 197 west
Heading north from U.S. 199 (Redwood Highway), SR 197 westbound follows North Bank Road toward Smith River. The two lane highway winds through stands of redwoods on the drive north to U.S. 101. Ruby Van Deventer County Park lies midway along the route. 05/28/06
SR 197 north to U.S. 101 south provides an alternate route to Crescent City in lieu of U.S. 199. U.S. 101 north continues 10.2 miles from the state route north end to the Oregon state line. 05/28/06
Ashford Road meanders east from SR 197 (North Bank Road) onto the hill overlooking Hiouchi to the north. 05/28/06
SR 197 ventures northwest across flats on the east side of the adjacent Smith River. 05/28/06
Tan Oak Drive loops west to a handful of residences from SR 197 (North Bank Road). 05/28/06
Continuing northward, SR 197 navigates through stands of redwood forest. 05/28/06
North Bank Road passes through a meadow, two miles south of U.S. 101. 05/28/06
Westbound SR 197 (North Bank Road) approaches its terminus at U.S. 101 (Oregon Coast Highway). 05/28/06
U.S. 101 south crosses the Smith River to Fort Dick en route to Crescent City. North from SR 197, U.S. 101 plies across agricultural areas to the community of Smith River. 05/28/06

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Connect with:
U.S. 101
U.S. 199

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