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California 225 was a seven mile urban route looping south from U.S. 101 in Santa Barbara. The state route followed Las Positas Road south from U.S. 101 at Exit 100 to Elings Park and Cliff Drive east from Arroyo Burro Beach County Park around Lavigia Hill. The state route dog legged southeast along Castillo Street between Montecito Street to Cabrillo Boulevard. Castillo Boulevard extended the route east along the Pacific Ocean waterfront back to U.S. 101 at Exit 94C.

The state route was relinquished in 1998 east from Castillo Street in Santa Barbara, with it redirected to U.S. 101 at Exit 97.2 The remainder of the route west from Castillo Street was also relinquished to the city of Santa Barbara in 2013.2

A snippet of SR 225 remains postmiled along Castillo Street between Montecito Street (PM R4.55) and the centerline of U.S. 101 & SR 1 (PM R4.63).

    Connect with:
    U.S. 101
    State Route 1

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