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California 330 travels between California 210 at Highland and California 18 at Running Springs. It is among the faster routes to the Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead resorts. The state route consists of a remnant of the original route of California 30, which used to turn northeast at Highland and head toward Running Springs rather than head southeast back to Interstate 10 (as it did until 2007, when California 30 was replaced with California 210).

California 330 south
A fresh snowfall blanketed the mountains in this scene showing the first shield for California 330 south. Photo taken 04/18/04.
As California 330 descends from Running Springs to Highland, the highway takes a lengthy and continuous decline for nearly its whole length. Regulatory signs will advise motorists of icy conditions during winter. Photo taken 04/18/04.
Switchbacks such as this one are common as California 330 loses elevation. Photo taken 04/18/04.
View of the San Bernardino Mountains along an eastward bend of California 330. Photo taken 04/18/04.
Cuts such as this one were necessary to allow California 330 to maintain a continuous grade down the hill. Photo taken 04/18/04.
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
California 330 south continues down the slope toward Highland. Photos taken 04/18/04.
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2 photos
An older arch bridge spans the East Fork of City Creek as SR 330 makes its final turn south around Harrison Mountain. Photos taken 04/18/04.
Another span with vintage guard rails carries SR 330 across the confluence of the City Creek West and East Forks. Photo taken 04/18/04.
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3 photos
3 photos
California 330 navigates southward along side City Creek between McKinley and Harrison Mountains. Photos taken 04/18/04.
Emerging from the San Andreas Rift Zone, California 330 widens into a freeway and enters the city of San Bernardino. Photo taken 04/18/04.
SR 330 south concludes at a semi directional T interchange with SR 210 (former SR 30) in one mile. Photo taken 04/18/04.
A diamond interchange (Exit 1C) joins the short California 330 freeway with Highland Avenue. Photo taken 04/18/04.
California 210 heads east to Interstate 10 in Redlands and west to Interstate 215 in San Bernardino. California 30 originally reverted to a city street for a short distance west of I-215; the route was converted to freeway and renumbered as California 210 in 2007. Photo taken 04/18/04.
Exit 1A extends from the left lane of the ending SR 330 south onto SR 210 eastbound. Photo taken 04/18/04.

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