California State Route 905 East
A begin shield for SR 905 stands after the intersection of Tocayo Avenue and Oro Vista Road intersection. 06/21/09
An unnumbered cloverstack interchange with Interstate 5 follows from eastbound SR 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway). 06/21/09
Traffic to I-5 south to San Ysidro departs from California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) east.Traffic to I-5 south to San Ysidro departs from California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) east. 08/21/04
A California 905 east trailblazer precedes the northbound loop ramp for Interstate 5. 06/21/09
California 905 east reaches the off-ramp for Interstate 5 north to Chula Vista, National City, San Diego and points north. The pull-through predates the conversion of California 905 to a freeway, instead retaining Otay Mesa Road. 08/21/04
Despite SR 905 already considered a freeway, a pair of freeway entrance shields accompany the loop ramp for Interstate 5 north. 08/21/04
Heading east from I-5, SR 905 continues to Beyer Boulevard, which parallels Interstate 5 as the original alignment of U.S. 101 through the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa-Nestor communities in south San Diego. 08/21/04
SR 905 passes over Howard Avenue as traffic from I-5 north merges onto the Otay Mesa Freeway and Exit 1 leaves for Beyer Boulevard. 02/21/11
Entering the folded diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Beyer Boulevard along California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) east. 08/21/04
A quick succession of ramps part ways with SR 905 east to Interstate 805 (Dekema [Inland] Freeway). 08/21/04
SR 905 crosses over Del Sur Boulevard just ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 2A) with Picador Boulevard and Smythe Avenue. 02/21/11
Removed by October 2011, this caution sign along SR 905 east advised motorists of possible pedestrians on the freeway. This style of sign, previously also found near the international border along I-5, and near the Border Patrol Checkpoint near San Onofre, was retired from use due to implications that the pedestrians crossing here were immigrants or illegal immigrants. 02/21/11
Eastbound California 905 reaches Exit 2A for Picador Boulevard north and Smythe Avenue south. 08/21/04
An upcoming cloverstack interchange (Exits 2B) joins California 905 with Interstate 805 (Inland Freeway). 08/21/04
Interstate 805 travels north from California 905 to Chula Vista, Bonita, National City, and the city of San Diego communities of City Heights, Mission Valley, Serra Mesa, Clairemont, University City and Sorrento Valley. 08/21/04
Motorists taking the southbound on-ramp to I-805 will reach Interstate 5 in 1.8 miles, just beyond the San Ysidro Boulevard (old U.S. 101) exit. 08/21/04
A lone flyover carries drivers from I-805 south to California 905 east. 02/21/11
The July 2012 completed section of the SR 905 Freeway extends east from Interstate 805 onto Otay Mesa. The freeway initially overtakes the west end of old Otay Mesa Road before shifting south to a diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Caliente Avenue. 07/10/16
Shifting southward, California 905 runs just north of old Otay Mesa Road an Airway Road to the off-ramp (Exit 4) for Caliente Avenue. Prior to the conversion to a freeway, a turn-off linked the eastbound lanes with Otay Mesa Road west to the Princess Park and Remington Hills subdivisions. 07/10/16
Caliente Avenue spurs south to Airway Road and San Ysidro High School. The connection with Ocean Views Hills Parkway north from adjacent Otay Mesa Road opened in 2007 to connect with the Ocean View Hills neighborhood. 07/10/16
Five miles of SR 905 east remain to the Otay Mesa POE. Truck traffic headed south to Mexico must depart from the freeway at La Media Road in 2.75 miles. 07/10/16
The San Ysidro Mountains rise prominently in the distance as the Otay Mesa Freeway winds around the north side of Spring Canyon. 07/10/16
The ensuing exit joins SR 905 east with Brittania Boulevard north to Otay Mesa Road at Brown Field Municipal Airport (SDM). 07/10/16
Brittania Boulevard previously provided a temporary alignment of California 905 between parallel Otay Mesa Road and the November 2010 completed freeway leading east to the Otay Mesa POE. 07/10/16
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 6) with Britannia Boulevard, California 905 maintains six overall lanes. Brittania Boulevard extends south to Britannia Industrial Park. 07/10/16
California 905 follows a linear route between warehouses from Brittania Boulevard to Exit 7 with La Media Road. 07/10/16
Confirming marker posted for SR 905 east after the on-ramp from Brittania Boulevard. 07/10/16
All trucks entering Mexico must enter via La Media Road, which connects to a southbound truck inspection station. Trucks may not enter Mexico via California 905. 02/21/11
A two lane off-ramp (Exit 7) connects California 905 east with La Media Road. The final exit lies 1.75 miles ahead with Siempre Viva Road. 07/10/16
California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) enters the parclo B2 interchange (Exit 7) with La Media Road. Prior to completion of the California 11 freeway spur east, which includes a loop ramp to California 125 north, La Media Road served as part of a Breezewood style connection to the tolled South Bay Expressway. 07/10/16
The initial 1.7 mile stretch of California 11 east to Enrico Fermi Drive opened to traffic in March 2016. A port of entry will be built at the eventual east end of the planned toll road. 07/10/16
SR 905 curves southeast from the wye interchange with SR 11 to meet Siempre Viva Road at a parclo interchange (Exit 9) in 0.75 miles. A new loop ramp opened from SR 11 to SR 125 north in November 2016. The connection provides an uninterrupted route for the tolled South Bay Expressway north to Chula Vista, Spring Valley, La Mesa, El Cajon and Santee. 07/10/16
All remaining trucks along the Otay Mesa Freeway east must depart from the freeway at Siempre Viva Road (Exit 9), as trucks are not permitted to cross into Mexico directly via California 905's main lanes. 07/19/14
Eastbound California 905 (Paseo Internacional) meets Exit 9 for Siempre Viva Road. This is the final exit within the United States, although a final U-turn is available just prior to Port of Entry.
A wide area of concrete here will eventually accommodate an on-ramp linking SR 125 (South Bay Expressway) south with SR 905 at the Airway Road underpass. 07/19/14
Separate ramps connect Exit 9 with Siempre Viva Road west and east to adjacent industrial areas. 07/19/14
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2 photos
Passing under Siempre Viva Road, SR 905 (Paseo Internacional) approaches the port of entry for Tijuana, Mexico. 07/09/18, 07/12/09
A final U-turn is available for motorists before the entrance into the Otay Mesa port of entry. 07/12/09
Upon crossing into Tijuana, Mexico, signs guide motorists to Tijuana International Airport (Rodriguez Field), Downtown Tijuana, the Tijuana Beltway (Tijuana Dos Mil or Tijuana 2000), the Scenic Coast Highway (Mexico Federal Route 1) south to Rosarito and Ensenada, and Mexico Federal Route 2 east to Tecate and Mexicali. 07/09/18

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