California State Route 905 West
Leaving the port of entry, a parclo interchange (Exit 9) quickly joins California 905 with Siempre Viva Road. 07/12/09
Welcome to California sign posted ahead of the Siempre Viva Road overpass along SR 905 west. 07/12/09
Angling northwest from Siempre Viva Road, California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) approaches the separation with California 125 north. The new ramp for the tolled South Bay Expressway opened by November 30, 2016. 07/19/14
Traveling west from Otay Mesa, California 905 connects the port of entry with Interstate 805 in six miles, and I-5 (Montgomery Freeway) in eight miles. 07/19/14
California 125 begins from Exit 8 just beyond the Airway Road under crossing along California 905 west. The toll road extends north to Chula Vista and California 54 (South Bay Expressway) near Sweetwater Reservoir. 07/19/14
Continuing west from the wye interchange with California 11, a future toll road planned to travel east to a new port of entry, California 905 (Otay Mesa Road) next approaches La Media Road (Exit 8). A short segment of California 11 opened in March 2016. 07/19/14
The off-ramp (Exit 7) for La Media Road was relocated to depart further east and combine with a second ramp from the west end of SR 11. La Media Road leads north from the truck border crossing to parallel Otay Mesa Road. 07/19/14
An array of warehouses and industrial businesses line both sides of the Otay Mesa Freeway west from La Media Road to Exit 6 with Britannia Boulevard. 07/10/16
The diamond interchange (Exit 6) with Britannia Boulevard represented the temporary west end of the Otay Mesa Freeway until the July 2012 completion of Segment Three west to I-805. Britannia Boulevard heads south to Britannia Industrial Park and north to Otay Mesa Road (old SR 905) at Brown Municipal Airport (SDM). 07/10/16
California 905 makes a series of S-curves along the northern periphery of Spring Canyon on the approach to Exit 4 with Caliente Avenue. A future interchange will join the freeway with Heritage Road along this stretch. 07/10/16
Two and a half miles remain before SR 905 west reaches the cloverstack interchange (Exit 2B) with Interstate 805. 07/10/16
Caliente Avenue spurs south from Otay Mesa Road and Ocean Views Hill Parkway to a diamond interchange (Exit 4) with SR 905, and Airway Road / Otay Mesa Road west. 07/10/16
Advancing west from the Caliente Avenue overpass, SR 905 overtakes the former at-grade alignment of Otay Mesa Road on the one mile approach to Exits 2C/B with I-805. Ensuing exits join the freeway with the Otay Mesa-Nestor community of San Diego. 07/19/14
The Pacific Ocean comes into view as California 905 lowers from Otay Mesa into Otay Valley. Segment 2 of California 905, leading west to I-805 and I-5, was constructed in the 1970s . 07/10/16
Prior to completion of Segment Three of the Otay Mesa Freeway, all traffic to I-805 (Inland Freeway) from California 905 west departed in unison. This ramp was separated and renumbered as Exit 2C for north and Exit 2B for south. 07/10/16
Exit 2C comprises a two lane off-ramp from California 905 west to Interstate 805 north to Chula Vista and National City. I-805 travels northward through City Heights, Mission Valley and University City before ending at Interstate 5 near Sorrento Valley and Torrey Hills. 07/10/16
Exit 2B joins the original collector distributor lane for the loop ramp onto Interstate 805 (Dekema Freeway) south to Interstate 5 in San Ysidro and the border crossing into Mexico. 07/10/16
A flyover ramp connects I-805 south with SR 905 east as the Otay Mesa Freeway westbound continues three quarters of a mile to the diamond interchange (Exit 2A) with Picador Boulevard north and Smythe Avenue south. 07/19/14
Forthcoming Smythe Avenue stems north from Beyer Boulevard become Picador Boulevard north at the California 905 over crossing. The north-south arterial serves the Otay-Nestor and San Ysidro communities of San Diego. 07/10/16
A gore point sign directs motorists joining SR 905 west from I-805 north to continue west to reach Interstate 5. I-805 south sees one mainline exit south from here before merging with I-5 and ending. 07/10/16
Ramps from Interstate 805 form an auxiliary lane west to Exit 2A for Picador Boulevard and Smythe Avenue. 07/19/14
Westbound California 905 reaches the off-ramp (Exit 2A) for Picador Boulevard north and Smythe Avenue south. 02/21/11
Drivers along California 905 (Otay Mesa Freeway) west enter the final mile. Upcoming Beyer Boulevard constitutes a north-south arterial serving residential areas and business parks through Otay-Nestor. 02/21/11
Del Sur Boulevard passes under California 905 just ahead of Exit 1C for Beyer Boulevard. 02/21/11
Auxiliary lanes accompany both directions of California 905 between Exits 2A and 1C. Beyer Boulevard is both former U.S. 101 and former Business Loop I-5. 02/21/11
A folded diamond interchange joins California 905 with Beyer Boulevard at Exit 1C. 02/21/11
Spanning Beyer Boulevard and the adjacent UC San Diego Blue Line (light rail), SR 905 shifts southward to the three-level exchange with Interstate 5. The freeway mainline defaults onto I-5 north toward Downtown San Diego. 02/21/11
A single lane ramp carries the remainder of California 905 west to Tocayo Avenue. 02/21/11
Exit 1A consists of the left two lanes leading motorists north to I-5 (Montgomery Freeway) through Chula Vista and National City. 02/21/11
Exit 1B follows from the single lane ramp carrying SR 905 west to Oro Vista Road for Interstate 5 south to San Ysidro. 02/21/11
A rare button copy end freeway sign appears at the loop ramp for Interstate 5 south. 02/21/11
The Otay Mesa Freeway spurs a third of a mile west from Interstate 5 to Oro Vista Road. 02/21/11
Traffic from Interstate 5 south merges onto California 905 west to expand Tocayo Avenue to two westbound lanes. The arterial intersects Oro Vista Road just south of several apartment complexes. 02/21/11
An end shield formally concludes California 905 at Tocayo Avenue west and Oro Vista Road. This assembly has been replaced at least once since 1998. 02/21/11
Tocayo Avenue extends just one half mile beyond Oro Vista Road to end at Rodear Road in a subdivision. 02/21/11

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