Charlotte Route 4 is a 18.7 mile long belt route within the city of Charlotte. Following a combination of Sugar Creek Road, Eastway Drive, Wendover Road, Runnymeade Lane, Woodlawn Road and Billy Graham Parkway, Route 4 forms a loop to the south of Interstate 85. I-85 in between Billy Graham Parkway and Sugar Creek Road is the implied northern quadrant of the loop.

Route 4 arose from an idea in the 1960 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Master Thoroughfare plan for the city of Charlotte.1 The original route was a collection of two lane streets forming a 28 mile long loop roughly along the Charlotte city limits in the 1960s. Rather than renaming all of the streets forming the belt route, it was designated as Route 4 in the late 1970s.2 The number was selected because it was encircling uptown along a roughly four mile radius.1

Streets along the course of Route 4 were widened or extended to complete the loop. This included the elimination of a five way intersection at Commonwealth Avenue, Eastway Drive and Independence Boulevard.2 A rejected proposal for the loop was to run it through the golf course at Myers Park Country Club.1

Charlotte Route 4 Billy Graham Parkway - South
Billy Graham Parkway (SR 5901) spans U.S. 29/74 (Wilkinson Boulevard) ahead of Boyer Street (SR 1656). Boyer Street links the two arterials. 01/17/19
A trumpet interchange joins Billy Graham Parkway (Charlotte Route 4) with Josh Birmingham Parkway (SR 1490) west to the passenger terminal of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). 01/17/19
Billy Graham Parkway connects Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) with Interstate 77 south from Birmingham Parkway. 01/17/19
Charlotte Route 4 Sugar Creek Road - North
Charlotte City Route 4 (Sugar Creek Road) north at Hidden Valley Road east. 05/26/19
This shield for Charllote City Route 4 across from Merlane Drive was removed due to development of a 9.8 acre site along the east side of Sugar Creek Road for a $30 million apartment complex.3 05/26/19
Reagan Drive (SR 2620) constitutes a service road along the south side of Interstate 85. 05/26/19
Charlotte City Route 4 (Sugar Creek Road) concludes at a diamond interchange with Interstate 85. 05/26/19
Charlotte Route 4 Sugar Creek Road - South
Charlotte City Route 4 (Sugar Creek Road) south at Hidden Valley Road east into the Hidden Valley neighborhood. 05/26/19
A reassurance marker for Charlotte City Route 4 is posted at Hidden Valley Road. 05/26/19
Charlotte Route 4 Billy Graham Parkway - North
Morris Field Drive west at the CPCC Harris Campus and Charlotte Route 4 (Billy Graham Parkway. 01/17/19
Billy Graham Parkway (SR 5901) proceeds north into a trumpet interchange with Josh Birmingham Parkway (SR 1490) west to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) from Morris Field Drive. 01/17/19

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