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Colorado 13 totals 128.07 miles from Rifle in Garfield County, to the Wyoming state line well north of Craig. Prior to 1984, Colorado 13 was cosigned in its entirety with Colorado 789, the Mexico-Canada Highway. Wyoming 789 is still in place north from Moffat County, Colorado. Heading north through Rifle, SH 13 begins at I-70 and bypasses the city center via an overlap with U.S. 6 west to the Rifle Bypass. The route follows Government Creek northwest from the city between the Roan Cliffs and Grand Hogback ridge to Rio Blanco.

Railroad Avenue (old Colorado 13) south in Downtown Rifle. Photo taken 08/11/16.

Traveling north along Sheep Creek and Grand Hogback ridge, SH 13 intersects the end of SH 64 at Powell Park, where it turns east to Meeker. A winding course north to Ninemile Gap continues the highway northeast to Axial Basin and Hamilton. Beyond the Williams Fork Mountains, SH 13 was relocated westward onto an alignment closer to the Yampa River and Big Bottom, from a route to Craig South Highlands and Ramsey Street into Craig. Heading into Craig, SH 13 overlaps with U.S. 40 along Victory Way to Downtown, where the two shift to a one-way couplet to SH 13 north on Yampa Avenue. The remainder of SH 13 traverses rural hills north to Fortification and Baggs, Wyoming.

Colorado 13 north
Interstate 70 passes through south Rifle en route to Silt, Glenwood Springs, Eagle and Denver. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Back to back roundabouts take motorists north along SH 13 from 7th Street and Airport Road to the south side ramps with Interstate 70. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Motorists joining I-70 west will reach Parachute in 16 miles and Grand Junction in 62 miles. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Lions Park Road spurs west to a CDOT maintained rest area along. The rest area serves I-70. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Continuing north, Colorado 13 spans the Colorado River and the adjacent Union Pacific Railroad line. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Colorado 13 curves west to briefly parallel U.S. 6 (Centennial Parkway). Forthcoming Whitewater Avenue connects with the US highway east. Photo taken 08/10/16.
U.S. 6 runs east along the UP Railroad to Antlers and the city of Silt. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Colorado 13 was relocated to bypass Rifle along a combination of U.S. 6 (Centennial Parkway) west and the Rifle Bypass. The new alignment allows trucks en route to Meeker and Craig to avoid Downtown Rifle. Photo taken 08/10/16.
U.S. 6 west & SH 13 north overlap for 0.7 miles. Railroad Avenue stems north through Downtown as the old alignment. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Colorado 13 south
These shields for SH 13 and Interstate 70 were found at the exit from the CDOT rest area located along the south banks of the Colorado River in Rifle. A change made here by 2012 eliminated the left turn for SH 13 north. That movement is now made via a U-turn at the adjacent signal for I-70 west. Photo taken 10/18/04.
Originally, Colorado 13 ended at U.S. 6 (Centennial Parkway) in Rifle. The extension south to Interstate 70 was completed by 1977.1 Photo taken 10/18/04.
Interstate 70 extends west to Grand Junction and east to Denver. The freeway travels through some of the most scenic territory to be found along the Interstate Highway System. Photo taken 10/18/04.
Railroad Avenue - old Colorado 13
Railroad Avenue north at 3rd Street. 3rd Street is part of the historic alignment of U.S. 6 through Rifle. U.S. 6 followed the street west from Whiteriver Avenue to 2nd Street. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Railroad Avenue north at 5th Street. 5th Street represents the north end of Downtown Rifle. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Southbound Railroad Avenue (old SH 13) at 3rd Street in Downtown Rifle. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Railroad Avenue exits Downtown Rifle at the east split of U.S. 6 (Centennial Parkway) and Colorado 13. Colorado 13 turns south here to cross the Colorado River and meet Interstate 70. Photo taken 08/11/16.

  1. Colorado Highways: Routes 1 to 19.

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10/18/04, 08/10/16, 08/11/16 by AARoads

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