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Colorado 75 follows Platte Canyon Road north from a RIRO with C-470 to Bowles Avenue through the southern suburbs of Denver. The state highway formerly extended further east along Bowles Avenue and Littleton Boulevard through the city of Littleton and north along Broadway to U.S. 285 (Hampden Avenue). The section of Colorado 75 between U.S. 85 (Santa Fe Drive) and Broadway was decommissioned by the late 1990s. The remainder along Bowles Avenue was dropped from the system in 2010. The segment on Broadway was subsequently decommissioned in 2011.1

Former Colorado 75 north
Bowles Avenue east at the north end of Colorado 75 (Platte Canyon Road). The state highway used to turn east here to Downtown Jefferson. Photo taken 11/12/03.
Colorado 75 was already unsigned by 2003 as it followed Bowles Avenue east from Platte Canyon Road to intersect Federal Boulevard north at this intersection. Photo taken 11/12/03.
Bowles Avenue (old SH 75) spans the South Platte River just ahead of U.S. 85 (Santa Fe Drive) in Littleton. The city of Littleton was founded in 1890 with an original population of 245 residents. By the centennial in 1990, the population of Littleton had grown to 33,661 people. Photo taken 11/12/03.
Colorado 75 previously ended at U.S. 85 (Santa Fe Drive). Bowles Avenue continues across Santa Fe Drive to separate into Alamo Avenue east and Main Street west through Downtown Littleton. Photo taken 11/12/03.
The Alamo Avenue / Main Street couplet unifies after crossing the BNSF Railroad tracks as Littleton Boulevard. Pictured here is former Colorado 75 east at Prince Street. Photo taken 11/12/03.
As Alamo Avenue crosses over the BNSF railroad tracks, the Arapahoe County Courthouse comes into view. Built in 1907 and 1908, the courthouse was dedicated on January 17, 1908. Although it briefly fell out of use between 1987 and 1998, it was restored and opened again as a governmental building (the Municipal Courthouse) on May 13, 2000. Photo taken 11/12/03.
A series of strip malls and commercial areas ensue along Littleton Boulevard east from the court house to Datura Street. Photo taken 11/12/03.
Broadway north from Littleton Boulevard remained as SH 75 until fall 2011. It followed Broadway to Rafferty Gardens Avenue until that time.1 Photo taken 11/12/03.
Car dealerships, strip malls, restaurants and antique stores line Broadway north through the city of Littleton. Pictured here was a reassurance shield for Colorado 75 north. Photo taken 11/12/03.
Broadway continues north as a seven-lane commercial boulevard from Powers Avenue toward Colorado 88 (Belleview Avenue). Photo taken 11/12/03.

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