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Connecting Colorado 133 at State Bridge with Colorado 9 south of Kremmling, County Route 1 follows the Colorado River and railroad through the Gore Range. The county route begins in Eagle County and travels northeast into Grand County. Most of the route is unpaved or partially paved. Signage is very limited. The entire route is designated a Colorado Scenic Byway.

County Road 1 east
The Colorado River remains on the south side of Eagle County 1 (Trough Road). In this picture, taken along eastbound Trough Road prior to entering State Bridge and looking a bit to the south, a road cut carrying Colorado 131 is visible to the right of the river. Photo taken 08/27/04.
The very small town of State Bridge, which seldom appears on Colorado state maps, is located on Trough Road just east of the Colorado 131 junction. The State Bridge Lodge is the focal point of the community, and the dual-span Howe Truss Bridge that gives State Bridge its name was constructed at the site of a ferry in 1890 by the State of Colorado for approximately $6,000. The contractor of record was the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Works Company; today, the original bridge no longer stands, but the remains of the bridge are still visible from State Bridge. For more on the area, visit the site for the State Bridge Lodge, which features hiking, rafting, fishing, hunting, music festivals, and camping. Photo taken 08/27/04.
After leaving State Bridge, the county road continues east along the north bank of the Colorado River for another couple of miles. However, it crosses over to the south bank at this bridge, about three or four miles east of Colorado 131. Note the milepost used by Eagle County for the Colorado River bridge. Photo taken 08/27/04.
Upon leaving Eagle County and entering Grand County, this official state scenic byway sign is posted. Although the road is mostly gravel/oiled, it is well maintained and does not have many dips or ruts in the road. The scenic byway follows Grand County 1 east to Colorado 9, Colorado 9 north to U.S. 40 east, and U.S. 40 east to U.S. 34 east. The Colorado River headwaters are on the western slope of Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo taken 08/27/04.
Like most other counties in Colorado, the county roads are signed with the blue and gold pentagon route markers. This is the first and only such marker on eastbound Trough Road after crossing from Eagle County into Grand County. There were no similar shields anywhere on the Eagle County segment of Trough Road. Photo taken 08/27/04.
With a gravel/oiled surface, Grand County 1 (Trough Road) crosses a stream and ascends this hill to approach its eastern end at Colorado 9. Photo taken 08/27/04.

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