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The most notable branch of County Road 30A is the scenic highway along coastal Walton County. Navigating along an 18.56 mile long course, CR 30A joins a number of Gulf side communities including Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Seaside and Seagrove Beach. CR 30A was completed by 1960 as Florida Secondary 30A. It replaced preexisting segments of S-393 at Oyster Lake, S-83 around Draper Lake and S-395 east from Seagrove Beach.

The northern branch of CR 30A in Gulf County spurs 2.08 miles north along Garrison Avenue from U.S. 98 to 16th Street in the city of Port St. Joe. The southern section runs east along coastal areas from SR 30A/30E near Cape San Blas along Gulf of Mexico. Totaling 12.61 miles in length, CR 30A travels east to Indian Pass and north of Indian Lagoon and St. Vincent Sound to U.S. 98 near Nine Mile in Franklin County.

Florida Secondary 30A at Port St. Joe was designated by 1958. S-30A was part of the eventual realignment of U.S. 98 southeast toward Apalachicola. CR 30A along Indian Lagoon was part of U.S. 98 and State Road 30 until 1958.

County Road 30A at Carrabelle comprises a 1.73 mile long loop south from U.S. 98/319 along Marine Street, SE Avenue F and Gulf Avenue. CR 30A represents the original alignment of U.S. 319 bypassed by 1943. Florida Secondary 30A at Carrabelle first appeared on Florida General Highway maps in 1950.

County Road 30A North - Garrison Avenue
Garrison Avenue leads CR 30A north 1.01 mile from U.S. 98 to CR 384 (Madison Street). Photo taken 06/27/09.
CR 384 (Madison Street) spurs 1.82 miles east from U.S. 98 at Oak Grove. This shield assembly was date stamped 03-17-71. Photo taken 06/27/09.
County Road 30A South - Garrison Avenue
CR 30A (Garrison Avenue) south at CR 384 (Madison Street) at Ward Ridge. Photo taken 06/27/09.
CR 30 (Garrison Avenue) concludes at a wye intersection with U.S. 98 ahead of George Washington Swamp. Photo taken 06/27/09.
County Road 30A East - Carrabelle
CR 30A winds alongside St. George South from SE Avenue F in Carrabelle to U.S. 98. This scene looks at the narrow road past SE 12th Street. Photo taken 06/27/09.
County Road 30A West - Carrabelle
The reassurance marker for CR 30A beyond the separation with U.S. 98 west along Gulf Avenue was replaced by 2013 with a CR 30 shield. Photo taken 06/27/09.

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