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Schillinger Road is a well traveled arterial extending north from Theodore through West Mobile. The intersection with Airport Blvd is notorious for gridlock during the evening peak hours of travel, and much of the corridor is congested due to heavy retail development.

Schillinger Road was expanded into a five-lane arterial north from SR 217 (Lott Road) to SR 158, which was extended west from U.S. 45 on January 25, 2008. Mobile County 31 was expanded to five lanes from CR 72 (Howells Ferry Road) to U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) in 2016.

County Road 31 / Schillinger Road North
Mobile County installed several batches of 18" pentagon shields for its county road system in 2009. Schillinger Road received its first reassurance shield after its split with Mobile County 30 (Theodore Dawes Road) here in the process. 06/15/09
Schillinger Road doubles as the Veterans' Memorial Parkway throughout its north-south length. Trailblazers such as the one posted north of Mobile County 30 are posted periodically in both directions of the roadway. 07/16/07
Traveling due north now, Mobile County 31 (Schillinger Road) nears the signalized intersection with Mobile County 32 (Three Notch Road). 06/15/09
Three Notch Road leads east to Old Pascagoula Road near its intersection with U.S. 90 and Halls Mill Road in Tillman's Corner. The road expands to a five-lane arterial on the drive.
Westward, unsigned Mobile County 32 continues to a merge with Dawes Road (Mobile County 33) in the far reaching suburbs of west Mobile. 06/15/09
Leaving the intersection with Mobile County 32 along Schillinger Road north. A second reassurance shield is posted here. 06/15/09
Drivers descend along Schillinger Road northbound from Meadows Boulevard to Halls Mill Creek. 06/15/09
Schillinger Road transitions from a rural-like two-lane highway into a five-lane commercial arterial at Mobile County 40 (Cottage Hill Road). 06/15/09
Cottage Hill Road, like Schillinger Road, had undergone major development and expansion in recent years including the 2005-06 widening between Mobile County 31 and Sollie Road. The arterial provides a major commuting route to mid-town Mobile between far reaching suburbs along Jeff Hamilton Road (Mobile County 36). 06/15/09
Continuing north along Mobile County 31 (Schillinger Road) after Cottage Hill Road. This is the last reassurance shield posted until the one pictured below at Mobile County 72. The arterial otherwise undulates over a series of hills to the commercial center of West Mobile at Airport Boulevard. 11/21/08
Grelot Road originally ended at Schillinger Road from the east. The highway carries four overall lanes with a variable concrete or grassy median east to University Boulevard and recently was extended westward to Dawes Road (Mobile County 33). 11/21/08
Hitt Road provides a through road between Schillinger Road and parallel Cody Road (Mobile County 37). Traffic lights were added to both ends of the road in the mid-2000s. 11/21/08
This photograph illustrates the number of traffic lights serving adjacent big box retail establishments along Schillinger Road leading into the intersection with Airport Boulevard. 11/21/08
Old Government Street Road provides a connector to Dawes Road (Mobile County 33) near its end at Airport Boulevard) and an alternate access road to the northbound side retail. 11/21/08
A look at the November-2008 installed mast-arm supported traffic lights at Schillinger Road north and Airport Boulevard. Airport Boulevard constitutes Mobile's busiest commercial arterial. The four to six lane route joins the mall area of Midtown with Mobile Regional Airport and far western suburbs. Designated Mobile County 56 on maps, the road provides a slow moving drive for all motorists because of high amounts of traffic and signals. 11/21/08
Heading north from Zeigler Boulevard, Mobile County 31 (Schillinger Road) nears the intersection with Mobile County 72 (Howells Ferry Road). Howells Ferry Road winds northwest to Semmes and Big Creek Lake and east to Cody Road and U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). 04/26/09
Schillinger Road continues with commercialized frontage to Old Shell Road east and Tanner Williams Road west. Tanner Williams Road (County Road 70) extends Old Shell Road west to the U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center and Big Creek Lake. Old Shell Road provides the main route to the University of South Alabama. 09/30/12
Schillinger Road reduces from five to two overall lanes north of Mobile County 72 (Howells Ferry Road). Widening of the roadway to five lanes between Howells Ferry Road and U.S. 98 is planned for 2010 and beyond. 06/01/10
Wards Lane provides a through road between Schillinger Road and Firetower Road at Semmes. Salem Road ties in from an adjacent subdivision. This traffic light was added in 2002. 02/11/09
County-based sign installations in 2009 on Schillinger Road revealed the hidden state route counterpart of U.S. 98 in Alabama, SR 42. 04/23/10
An older style U.S. 98 shield that was posted on Schillinger Road (Mobile County 31) northbound at Moffett Road (the sign was replaced by April 2009). This intersection gained a major increase in traffic when a Wal-mart Supercenter opened on the southwest corner of the cross roads. 02/11/09
Shields added in 2009 acknowledge County Road 31 at U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) on Schillinger Road northbound. The span-wire based signals were replaced with a mast-arm assembly by September 2011. U.S. 98 otherwise carries five lanes west to Snow Road (County Road 25) and east to Spinghill Avenue in Mobile. 04/23/10
The only stretch of Schillinger Road that has yet to succumb to development, the final two mile stretch of Mobile County 31 sinks toward the Double Branch Creek before ascending to SR 217 (Lott Road). 11/19/03
Approaching SR 217 and the northern terminus of Mobile County 31. Known as Lott Road, SR 217 travels between Eight Mile in Prichard northwest to the villages of Lott, Millertown, and Georgetown before concluding in rural northwest Mobile County. 11/19/03
A revisit to the area six years later reveals the work of widening Schillinger Road in anticipation of its January 2008 northern extension to SR 158. 02/11/09
This traffic light represents the end of Mobile County 31, and originally Schillinger Road. The dirt road pictured north of SR 217 was that of Newburn Road. The extension of Schillinger overtook Newburn Road as a five-lane arterial to the current eastbound beginning of the SR 158 divided highway. 11/19/03
What a different six years makes! Newburn Road was replaced with Schillinger Road, and now travelers bound for Interstate 65 may take the road to north SR 158 east to bypass Mobile. 02/11/09
Continuing north from SR 217 (Lott Road) on the new five-lane Schillinger Road. 09/26/08
Nearing the end of Schillinger Road and the eastbound turn onto SR 158. 02/11/09
Presently SR 158 ends at Schillinger Road, as work has not yet begun on the westward extension of the four-lane corridor that will eventually link up with the new U.S. 98 bypass of Wilmer. A trumpet interchange was originally planned for this junction, but it remains to be seen what will ultimately be built here in lieu of the current at-grade connection. 02/11/09
County Road 31 / Schillinger Road South
Turning southward from SR 158 west onto Schillinger Road south. The initial stretch of roadway is under state maintenance. 11/22/08
Just after the jurisdiction change from state to county maintenance, Schillinger Road undulates with five lanes toward SR 217 (Lott Road). 11/22/08
Southbound Schillinger Road at SR 217 (Lott Road). SR 217 travels east to Eight Mile and west to Millertown. 11/22/08
Schillinger Road bottlenecks south of Lott Road to Howells Ferry Road. Widening of this stretch of County Road 31 is planned. 12/17/09
Mobile County 31 (Schillinger Road) doubles as Veterans Memorial Parkway. This designation is periodically signed with trailblazers such as this one posted near Red Creek. 12/17/09
New signs were installed in mid-December 2009 along Mobile County 31 at U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). U.S. 98 doubles as hidden SR 42, but shield assemblies here indicate the state highway counterpart. 12/17/09
The new signage for U.S. 98 & SR 42 coincides with Mobile County 31 shields. Mobile County 31 was previously unsigned through this intersection.
Development in the form of fast food restaurants and Walmart have added congestion to the cross roads of Schillinger and Moffett Road. A mostly abandoned shopping center occupies frontage on the northwest side of the junction. 12/17/09
Mobile County 31 southbound shield posted as Schillinger Road leaves the confluence with U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). 12/17/09
Wards Lane stems west from Mobile County 31 (Schillinger Road) at Salem Road to Firetower Road near Semmes. The traffic light here was added in 2002, as Wards Lane provides a through route in conjunction with Firetower Road. 12/17/09
Veterans' Memorial Parkway trailblazer posted along Schillinger Road ahead of the Canadian National Illinois Central Railroad. The at-grade crossing is particularly rough and will be replaced when Mobile County 31 is widened to five lanes. 12/17/09
Presently Schillinger Road expands to five lanes as it enters the signalized intersection with Mobile County 72 (Howells Ferry Road). 12/17/09
Howells Ferry Road leads east to Cody Road and U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) and west to Snow Road and Big Creek Lake. Mobile County 72 generally carries traffic to residential areas of West Mobile to the commercial strip of Schillinger Road. 12/17/09
Venturing south from Mobile County 72 (Howells Ferry Road) on Mobile County 31. Schillinger Road widens from two to five lanes between Howells Ferry Road and Cottage Hill Road (Mobile County 40). 12/17/09
Zeigler Boulevard splits from Mobile County 70 (Tanner Williams Road) and ventures east to Spring Hill Avenue at Langan Park. 12/17/09
Schillinger Road southbound at the busiest intersection in West Mobile, that with Airport Boulevard. Originally configured in a split-phase format, mast arm supported signals installed in November 2008 resulted in a new traffic pattern that improves the traffic flow through the commercialized junction. Airport Boulevard constitutes a four to six-lane arterial leading east to Interstate 65 (Exit 3) at Midtown and west to Mobile Regional Airport. 11/02/08
An Interstate 10 trailblazer directs drivers emanating from Mobile Regional Airport southward along Schillinger Road to Theodore Dawes Road and Exit 13 of the freeway. A series of traffic lights serving a cluster of big box retail await southbound drivers in timely fashion. 11/02/08
Mobile County 31 pentagon posted on Schillinger Road south after Cottage Hill Road (Mobile County 40). 04/30/10
Schillinger Road doubles as Veterans' Memorial Parkway and trailblazers are posted occasionally along the county highway, such as this assembly near Country Drive. 04/30/10
Nearing the intersection with Mobile County 32 (Three Notch Road) along Schillinger Road south. 04/30/10
Three Notch Road travels a section line east to Old Pascagoula Road and ahead of U.S. 90 at Tillman's Corner. Westward, the road continues to McDonald and Dawes Road through the outskirts of West Mobile. The road derives its name from Three Notches, the former name of the area known as Tillman's Corner. 04/30/10
Interstate 10 trailblazer posted for motorists emanating from Mobile Regional Airport and bound for the freeway at Exit 13. 04/30/10
Schillinger Road continues one mile south of Three Notch Road to Theodore Dawes Road West. An additional Veterans' Memorial Parkway trailblazer lies along this stretch. 04/30/10
Mobile County 30 follows Theodore Dawes Road West to McDonald Road from Schillinger Road. 04/30/10
Mobile County 31 ends as Mobile County 30 overtakes Schillinger Road as Theodore Dawes Road East to Interstate 10 and Theodore. 04/30/10

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