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County Road 0342 follows a series of roads for 11.2 miles between Meridian Road (CR 155) and Orchard Pond Parkway (Toll CR 0344) to the west and Crump Road (CR 0345) to the east. The Bannerman Road portion consists of a suburban route from CR 155 east to Killearn Lakes Plantation and a commercialized junction with U.S. 319 at Bradfordville. East from there, CR 0342 encircles the Killearn community along Bradfordville Road to CR 151 (Centerville Road) at Roberts Road. Roberts Road takes the remainder of the route along a rural course on the Tallahassee city line to County Road 0345, which overtakes the route south on Crump Road to U.S. 90 (Mahan Drive).

County Road 0342 East
Leon County Road 0342 (Bannerman Road) climbs 50 feet in elevation on the 1.7 mile drive from Meridian Road to Bull Headley Road. Bull Headley Road serves the north side of the Killearn Lakes Plantation community. 05/16/16
Tekesta Drive provides the main entrance to Killearn Lakes Plantation from Bannerman Road. 05/16/16
Bannerman Road expands into a divided boulevard ahead of Bannerman Crossing Shopping Center and U.S. 319 at Bradfordville Road. A roundabout with newly built Beech Ridge Trail was added to CR 0342 in 2015. 05/16/16
County Road 0342 continues with four overall lanes to intersect U.S. 319 (Thomasville Road). 05/16/16
U.S. 319 constitutes a busy arterial route leading southwest back to Tallahassee. The US route becomes rural to the north with 65 mile per hour speed limits to the Georgia state line. 05/16/16
Bradfordville Road extends County Road 0342 east from U.S. 319 (Thomasville Road) initially with four lanes. This segment of road was previously realigned to tie into Bannerman Road directly. 05/12/15
Velda Dairy Road arcs southwest from Bradfordville Road to U.S. 319 through the Killearn Community. 05/12/15
County Road 0342 (Bradfordville Road) becomes more rural on the approach to Centerville. 05/12/15
Bradfordville Road turns due south at Centerville to Leon County Road 151 (Centerville Road). 05/12/15
Centerville Road angles northeast from Miccosukee Road in central Tallahassee to suburban Killearn. North of CR 0342, CR 151 travels a rural route to Felkel, Miccosukee and unpaved branch of CR 142. 05/12/15
Roberts Road (CR 0342) runs 2.7 miles east along an undeveloped tract of Tallahassee before turning 90 degrees south at Crump Road. 05/12/15
County Road 0342 east ends as County Road 0345 south overtakes Roberts Road as Crump Road to U.S. 90 (Mahan Drive). 05/12/15
Proctor Road leads CR 0345 north 3.1 miles to CR 151 (Centerville Road). 05/12/15
County Road 0342 West
Bull headley Road stems north from a signal at Bannerman Road to Bull Headley Landing on Lake Iamonia. The road also connects with the west entrance into Killearn Lakes Plantation. 05/12/15
County Road 0342 (Bannerman Road) lowers to directly tie into the tolled Orchard Pond Parkway at County Road 155. 05/16/16
Orchard Pond Parkway opened to traffic on April 18, 2016 as an all electronic toll (AET) road. 05/16/16
County Road 155 (Meridian Road) travels north to rural areas by Lake Iamonia and south to become SR 155 into central Tallahassee. 05/12/15
Toll County Road 0344 (Orchard Pond Parkway) links Meridian and Bannerman Roads with Old Bainbridge Road near the Gadsden County line, 5.2-mile miles to the west. 05/16/16
The intersection with County Road 155 was formerly a T, with Meridian Road leading north to Grady County, Georgia and south to SR 61 (Thomasville Road). 05/12/15
County Road 0342 ends at County Road 0344 begins. Motorists continuing west on Orchard Pond Parkway pay a toll within the next half mile. 05/16/16

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U.S. 319
Leon County Road 155 - Meridian Road
Orchard Pond Parkway - Leon County Road 0344

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