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Old Bainbridge Road carries the designation of County Road 0361 in Leon County. The road begins at Macomb and Georgia Streets, a few blocks outside Downtown Tallahassee. The route runs northwest as through urban areas to Tharpe Street (County Road 158). Beyond there, County Road 0361 takes on more characters of a canopy road as it crosses Interstate 10 into suburban areas west of Lake Jackson and U.S. 27.

Florida 263 (Capital Circle Northwest) replaced a portion of the route north at the Lake Jackson community to U.S. 27. North of the US highway, Old Bainbridge Road resumes as a canopy road across a series of forested hills to the Ochlockonee River and Gadsden County line. County Road 0361 changes into County Road 153 northwest from the river to Rich Bay and County Road 12A at the town of Havana.

Prior to 1976, Old Bainbridge Road between Tallahassee and Gadsden County was assigned as County Road 157. The designation was changed as part of a Leon County wide effort to reduce confusion involving replicated routes with multiple segments. County Road 157 north from the Ochlockonee River to Concord Road was also renumbered as a southern extension of Gadsden County 153.

County Road 0361 North
County Road 0361 (Old Bainbridge Road) north at the west end of Toll County Road 0344 (Orchard Pond Parkway). The toll road opened on April 18, 2016 to connect with Meridian and Bannerman Roads at the northeast suburbs of Tallahassee. 05/16/16
County Road 153 South
The first shield for County Road 153, posted as Iron Bridge Road leads south from County Road 12A (9th Avenue) along the Havana town line. 05/12/15
Iron Bridge Road curves southeast away from Havana through a section of pine forest ahead of Leslie Lewis Road. 05/12/15
County Road 153 meanders east through the settlement of Rich Bay ahead of the intersection with County Road 157 (Concord Road). 05/12/15
County Road 157 (Concord Road) travels north to Concord and U.S. 27 at Darsey. 05/12/15
A trailblazer for Leon County Road 034 (Orchard Pond Parkway) takes the place of a confirming shield for Gadsden County Road 153 motorists continue south from CR 157. Trailblazers with mileage placards for the upcoming toll road are posted in all directions of each end point. 05/16/16
Approaching the Ochlockonee River, motorists along CR 153 (Old Bainbridge Road) south pass by another trailblazer for Toll CR 0344. 05/16/16
Orchard Pond Parkway opened to traffic on April 18, 2016 as a privately funded toll road. All electronic toll collection is used on the two-lane parkway. 05/16/16
A 1971-built bridge spans the Ochlockonee River as Old Bainbridge Road south transitions from Gadsden County Road 153 to Leon County Road 0361. 05/16/16
County Road 0361 South
A Leon County welcome sign was formerly posted south of the Ochlockonee River. Sign changes made for Orchard Pond Parkway removed this assembly. 05/12/15
The first reassurance shield for County Road 0361 was also removed by 2016 due sign work for Orchard Pond Parkway. 05/12/15
Old Orchard Parkway ventures east from Old Bainbridge Road to the intersection of CR 155 (Meridian Road) and CR 0342 (Bannerman Road) near Killearn Lakes Plantation. The toll road travels uninterrupted for 5.2 miles. 05/16/16
Prior to the completion of Orchard Pond Parkway, Leon County Road 0344 followed Orchard Pond Road, an unpaved route mirroring the course of the toll road east to Meridian Road. 05/12/15
Removed shield assembly for CR 0344 east on CR 0361 south. Orchard Pond Road was closed to through traffic after the adjacent toll road opened. Portions of the road were incorporated into a bicycle path paralleling the parkway. 05/12/15
Old Bainbridge Road proceeds south as a canopy road toward Lake Jackson. 05/12/15
Just north of U.S. 27, County Road 0361 (Old Bainbridge Road) passes by J. Lee Vause Park. 05/12/15
U.S. 27 and SR 263 are not shielded along Old Bainbridge South at the traffic signal with Monroe Street. U.S. 27 comprises a divided highway leading southeast from Havana into Tallahassee, while SR 263 overtakes Old Bainbridge South as Capital Circle NW to Interstate 10. 05/12/15

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