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There are three alignments of County Road 39 in Florida:

  • County Road 39, from SR 62 in Manatee County to SR 39 and SR 60 at Plant City in Hillsborough county, traveling 24.61 miles.
  • Hernando County 439 & Citrus County 39 totaling 7.23 miles, from CR 476 at Nobleton to CR 40 east of Floral City.
  • Citrus County 39 between SR 200 and U.S. 41 along the Withlacoochee River for 7.63 miles.

A fourth segment of County Road 39 was designated in Hillsborough County along both Paul Buchman Highway and Wheeler Street south into Downtown Plant City. This county road was created when the new $14.8-million alignment for State Road 39 (Alexander Street) opened to the northwest of Plant City on December 23, 2013.1 Maintenance of Wheeler Street transferred to Plant City after FDOT repaved it. CR 39 north of I-4 was renumbered as SR 39A in fall 2017.

Additionally in Hernando County, a lengthy portion of County Road 39 was decommissioned along a combination of Nobleton-Croom Road and Croom-Rital Road between CR 476 at Nobleton and U.S. 98 & SR 50 at Rital. The designation still appears on some on-line mapping sites.

Manatee / Hillsborough County Road 39

County Road 39 South
County Road 39 takes over from the end of SR 39 at SR 60 (Hopewell Road) along Plant City-Picnic Road south. The road reduces from a four-lane arterial into a two-lane rural highway as it pulls away from Hopewell. Photo taken 11/11/13.
Three and half miles south, County Road 39 (Plant City-Picnic Road) reaches the settlement of Alafia. Photo taken 11/11/13.
A traffic light controls traffic between CR 39 (Plant City-Picnic Road) and Keysville Road at Alafia. Keysville Road becomes unsigned County Road 676 east of Henry George Road to Keysville and CR 640 (Lithia-Pinecrest Road). Photo taken 11/11/13.
Plant City-Picnic Road curves westward to cross the Alafia River at Alderman's Ford County Park ahead of the Pinecrest community. Photo taken 11/11/13.
Hillsborough County Road 640 (Lithia-Pinecrest Road) crosses paths with CR 39 at Pinecrest. The east-west road becomes suburban on the 10.95-mile drive west to Bloomingdale and SR 60 at Brandon. Photo taken 11/11/13.
East of the signal with CR 39, CR 640 reaches the Polk County line in five miles en route to Homeland and a terminus at CR 559. Photo taken 11/11/13.
County Road 39 leads due south from Pinecrest, passing by Alafia River State Park to Picnic. Photo taken 11/11/13.
Entering Picnic, CR 39 spans Harrah Creek and intersects the east end of Hillsborough County Road 672 (Balm-Picnic Road). CR 672 leads west 11.85 miles to Balm and an implied overlap with U.S. 301 north. Photo taken 11/11/13.
County Road 39 becomes unnamed south from Picnic, where the road transitions into phosphate mining areas to its southern end. Pictured here is a set of flashers at Fort Lonesome, where SR 676 (unmarked on CR 39), a 25.51-mile route between Ruskin and SR 37 in Polk County, crosses. Photo taken 11/11/13.
Heading south from Fort Lonesome, County Road 39 approaches the Little Manatee River. Photo taken 11/11/13.
Crossing the Manatee County line, County Road 39 curves westward between more phosphate mines. Photo taken 11/11/13.
An unmarked intersection concludes County Road 39 at SR 62 near Peacock Hammock. SR 62 consists of a rural route through Manatee County east to Duette and west to Parrish. Photo taken 11/11/13.
County Road 439 North
Hernando County Road 439 (Lingle Road) heads north from County Road 476 (Lake Lindsey Road) 1.18 miles to the Citrus County line. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Lingle Road veers east from Reiland Drive into the community of Istachatta along the Withlacoochee River. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Leaving Istachatta, County Road 439 transitions into County Road 39 at the Citrus County line. Photo taken 02/09/14.
County Road 39 North
Citrus County Road 39 follows Istachatta Road through rural southeast Citrus County. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Istachatta Road reaches the community of Pineola just north of the Hernando County line. Photo taken 02/09/14.
County Road 39 South
Entering Hernando County, Citrus County Road 39 (Istachatta Road) becomes County Road 439 (Lingle Road). Photo taken 02/09/14.
West of Nobleton, County Road 439 (Lingle Road) comes to an end at Hernando County Road 476 (Lake Lindsey Road). Photo taken 02/09/14.
County Road 476 spans the Withlacoochee River east from Nobleton to junction CR 476B south to I-75 and the Sumter County seat of Bushnell. Photo taken 02/09/14.

  1. "Construction barricades come down on Alexander Street extension." The Tampa Tribune, January 1, 2014.

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