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CR 40 overlays Cottage Hill Road between Jeff Hamilton Road (CR 36) and Cody Road (CR 37) through unincorporated suburban areas of Seven Hills and West Mobile. Signs for the route first appeared in 2008. Through the city of Mobile, Cottage Hill Road comprises a five to seven lane arterial east to University Boulevard, Azalea Road, Interstate 65 and Bel Air Boulevard at the Bel Air Mall retail area. The easternmost extent of Cottage Hill Road forms a local two-lane street through the Brookwood community to Grant Street.

2003-06 construction expanded Cottage Hill Road from two to five lanes between Cody / Sollie Roads and Schillinger Road (CR 31). The project included an alignment shift and new bridge across Second Creek. Widening of Cottage Hill Road west of Schillinger Road was underway in 2011. The five-lane section ends at Dawes Road, with the remainder of Cottage Hill Road continuing west with two lanes to Jeff Hamilton Road (CR 36) at Repoll Road.

Cottage Hill Road / County Road 40 East
Repoll Road southbound at the intersection with Jeff Hamilton Road (Mobile County 36) and the eastbound beginning of Cottage Hill Road (Mobile County 40). Neither county road is signed here. Photo taken 05/23/09.
Cottage Hill Road passes through suburban areas of West Mobile to the signalized intersection with McFarland Road. McFarland Road leads north to Snow Road and south to Dawes Lane North near Mobile County 33 (Dawes Road). Photo taken 05/23/09.
Cottage Hill Road intersects Leroy Stevens Road one half mile west of Schillinger Road. Leroy Stevens Road primarily constitutes a north-south through road for area subdivisions of West Mobile. Photo taken 04/30/10.
Approaching Schillinger Road (Mobile County 31) on Cottage Hill Road east. Schillinger Road constitutes the main north-south commercial arterial through West Mobile. Big box retail, car dealerships and apartment complexes line the five-lane boulevard northward to Howells Ferry Road. Photo taken 04/30/10.
18" pentagons for both Mobile County 31 and 40 were added to the Cottage Hill and Schillinger Road intersection in 2008. Eastward, Cottage Hill Road advances to the Mobile city limits while Schillinger Road stays in Mobile County until reaching Hitt Road. Photo taken 04/30/10.
Eastbound at the intersection with Cody Road (Mobile County 37) north and Sollie Road south on Cottage Hill Road. Cody Road used to line the Mobile city limits northward, but 2007-08 annexations pushed the city limits further west beyond the arterial. Sollie Road continues Cody Road south to Mobile County 32 (Three Notch Kroner Road). Photo taken 06/15/09.
Cottage Hill Road east
North Demetropolis Road heads south from Cottage Hill Road to Burma Road east before combining with the realignment of Demetropolis Road en route to U.S. 90 (Government Boulevard). Photo taken 07/17/07.
Entering the busy intersection of Cottage Hill Road east and Azalea Road. Azalea Road leads north to Airport Boulevard at McGregor Avenue and south to Halls Mill Road (CR 28). Photo taken 07/17/07.
Cottage Hill Road west
Cottage Hill Road angles southwest from the Bel Air Mall area to meet the eastern branch of Pleasant Valley Road. Construction of I-65 made Pleasant Valley Road discontinuous. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Cottage Hill Road passes under I-65 between the East and West Service Roads. There is no access to either the freeway or Pleasant Valley Road west from Cottage Hill Road west. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Montlimar Drive ventures north from Cottage Hill Road to Pleasant Valley Road, the Mobile Festivale Centre and Airport Boulevard. Lakeside Drive meanders southward through the Lakeside Commercial Park to U.S. 90 (Government Boulevard). Photo taken 07/16/07.
Cottage Hill Road west intersects Azalea Road adjacent to Fonde Elementary School and Azalea Road Shopping Center. Azalea Road constitutes a four-lane arterial south to U.S. 90 and north to Airport Boulevard and McGregor Avenue. Photo taken 07/16/07.
North Demetropolis Road is the former alignment of Demetropolis Road leading south to Halls Mill Road. The old alignment connects with Burman Road and the relocated Demetropolis Road. Photo taken 07/16/07.
University Boulevard extends north from College Hill Road to the University of South Alabama and U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). The new alignment for Demetropolis Road opened southward from University in 2003. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Cody Road (CR 37) north and Sollie Road south come together at Cottage Hill Road. CR 37 used to represent the western extent of the Mobile city limits, but 2007 annexations expanded the municipal boundaries to Schillinger Road. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Cottage Hill Road / County Road 40 West
Four-laning of Cottage Hill Road west of Cody and Sollie Road was completed between 2005-06. Pictured here is the crossing of Second Creek. The old alignment passed just south of the new bridge. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Cottage Hill Road westbound nears the intersection with Schillinger Road (CR 31). Schillinger Road constitutes a five-lane arterial north through a heavily developed corridor with big box retail, apartment complexes and strip malls. Southward CR 31 leads directly to CR 30 (Theodore Dawes Road). Photo taken 11/21/08.
18" pentagons for both CR 31 and 40 were added to the cross roads of Cottage Hill and Schillinger Roads in 2008. CR 40 continues west to suburban areas at Leroy Stevens Road beyond Schillinger Road. Photo taken 11/21/08.
Cottage Hill Road previously narrowed to two overall lanes west of Schillinger Road (CR 31). Dawes Road (CR 33) crosses paths with Cottage Hill Road through suburban West Mobile. Photo taken 07/16/07.
McFarland road extends Snow Road (Mobile County 25) south across Mobile County 40 (Cottage Hill Road) at this intersection. Flashers here were replaced by traffic signals by 2009. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Mobile County 40 ends at the unmarked intersection with Mobile County 36 (Jeff Hamilton Road) and Repoll Road in the far western suburbs. Repoll Road meanders northwest to Airport Boulevard. Photo taken 07/16/07.

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