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Mobile County Road 41 winds 25.3 miles northward along Celeste Road from U.S. 43 and SR 213 in Saraland to Center and Main Streets in Citronelle.

County Road 41 North
Heading west from U.S. 43 (Telegraph Road), Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) intersects the north end of Lafayette Drive at this flasher. Lafayette Drive leads south as a neighborhood street to Norton Avenue near SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road). Photo taken 07/17/07.
A diamond interchange joins Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) with Exit 15 of Interstate 65 in Saraland. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Interstate 65 curves northeast from Celeste Road into the city of Satsuma from its exit with Mobile County 41. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Celeste Road straddles northern reaches of Saraland and continues one mile north to Mobile County 80 (Radcliff Road). Photo taken 01/02/11.
Radcliff Road carries Mobile County 80 east to Hatters and U.S. 43 at Creola. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Leaving the west end of Mobile County 84 (Salco Road) toward Turnerville on Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) north. Photo taken 01/02/11.
One half mile north of Turnerville is the westbound beginning of Mobile County 63 (Roberts Road). Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 63 angles southwest from Mobile County 41 via Roberts Road to U.S. 45 at Chunchula. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) enters Citronelle adjacent to U.S. 45, with both highways paralleling each other opposite a rails to trails path. Photo taken 06/01/10.
Mobile County 41 follows Center Street northeast and branches away from U.S. 45 (3rd Street) toward downtown Citronelle. Main Street commences and lines the west side of the rails to trails path. Photo taken 06/01/10.
Mobile County 41, unsigned here, turns northward from Newberry Crossing onto Coy Smith Highway in Citronelle. East State Street begins and heads west as an unsigned western branch of Mobile County 41 to U.S. 45 (3rd Street) and Mobile County 96. The intersection here includes an old traffic signal box, but the signal it used to operate is long gone. Photo taken 06/01/10.
Main Street carries Mobile County 41 north from the intersection with State Street to Mobile County 96 (Lebaron Avenue) at the Coy Smith Highway. Mobile County 41 ends silently one block east of the Mobile County 35 northbound beginning (Mobile Street). Photo taken 05/09/09.
County Road 41 / East State Street - West
An unsigned branch of Mobile County 41 follows State Street, linking Center Street with U.S. 45 (3rd Street) at Mobile County 96 (State Street) west. The east-west leg of County Road 41 lowers from Center Street to Main Street in this scene. Photo taken 06/01/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Older style U.S. 45 shield posted along unsigned Mobile County 41 (East State Street) westbound in the city of Citronelle. U.S. 45 follows 3rd Street through the city. Mobile County 41 meanwhile follows Center Street and Main Street northward from Celeste Road to Mobile County 96 (Lebaron Avenue) to the east. Photo taken 05/09/09. Second photo taken 10/21/12.
State Street becomes a part of Mobile County 96 leading west from U.S. 45 (3rd Street) in Citronelle. Mobile County 96, unsigned here, continues west along Prine Road to Beverly Jeffries Highway and Mississippi 594. U.S. 45 meanwhile heads south to Russell, Gulfcrest and Prichard and north to Deer Park and State Line, Mississippi. Photo taken 05/09/09.
County Road 41 South
Washington County 35 transitions into Odom Road at the Mobile County line. Some maps show Odom Road as a part of County Road 41, but no signs are posted along the road leading south into the city of Citronelle. An end county maintenance sign coincides with a city limits sign for Citronelle in this southbound scene. Photo taken 10/21/12.
Mobile County 41 begins at the Mobile County 96 turn from Coy Smith Highway west onto Lebaron Avenue in the city of Citronelle. County Road 41 travels Main Street south parallel to an abandoned railroad grade and an almost equally abandoned collection of store fronts. Photo taken 05/09/09.
Mobile County 41 turns east onto Newberry Crossing at East State Street. The crossing joins Main Street with Center Street south, Mobile County 41's path to Celeste Road. Photo taken 05/09/09.
Drivers on Celeste Road southbound leave Turnerville and travel one mile to Mobile County 84 (Salco Road). Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 84 meanders east from Mobile County 41 to U.S. 43 at Salco. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Southbound reassurance shield of Mobile County 41 posted on Celeste Road after the west end of Mobile County 84 (Salco Road). Photo taken 01/02/11.
The west end of Mobile County 80 occurs at Mobile County 41 (Celeste Road) at northern reaches of Saraland. Photo taken 01/02/11.
County Road 80 stems east from Celeste Road to Hatters and Creola, ending at U.S. 43 one mile north of Interstate 65 (Exit 19). 2011-01-02 Photo taken 01/02/11.
Mobile County 41 gains residential side streets as it continues south into Saraland to Lafitte Road. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Celeste Road curves eastward from Lafitte Road and meets Interstate 65 at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Interstate 65 travels south 15 miles to Interstate 10, the southern terminal of the 887-mile route. Northward, the freeway continues 155 miles to the capital city of Montgomery. Photo taken 01/02/11.

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