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The eastern branch of Pasco County Road 54 forms part of the Zephryhills West Bypass along Eiland Boulevard and a regional route east to U.S. 98 toward Lakeland. The portion along Eiland Boulevard includes a wide right of way reserved for a long planned four-lane expansion. East of U.S. 301 (Gall Boulevard), County Road 54 serves an array of manufactured home communities through unincorporated Zephyrhills North. Beyond the CSX Railroad line, the CR 54 transitions into a rural two-lane highway en route to Branchborough and U.S. 98 along the Polk County line.

County Road 54 through the Zephyrhills area measures 12.69 miles in length. The north-south leg along Eiland Boulevard runs concurrent with County Road 579 for 1.85 miles. The overlap was meant to be temporary, with CR 54 eventually extending west on a new alignment proposed for SR 54. The Zephyrhills West Bypass Extension was studied in 2002 and planned for construction in phases between 2016 and 2020. Work never started however, and attention shifted focus to completing the SR 56 eastern extension to U.S. 301 instead.

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    Connect with:
    U.S. 98
    U.S. 301
    State Road 54
    County Road 41/541
    County Road 579

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