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There are three segments of County Road 65A in Gadsden County. The southern section loops 8.37 miles west from SR 65 to the community of Providence along Juniper Creek Road. The 1.16 mile long middle portion connects SR 12 (Greensboro Highway) with CR 270A (Martin Luther King Boulevard) and CR 270 (Bassett Road) in Gretna. 1.16 The northern leg branches west from CR 65 (Attapulgus Highway) 2.43 miles to Bettstown and the Georgia state line.

Florida Secondary 65A along Dewey Johnson Way north into Gretna was established by 1956. S-65A on Providence Road and Porter Mitchell Road to the north were in place by 1972.

County Road 65A South - Dewey Johnson Way
Approaching SR 12 (Greensboro Highway) on CR 65A south in the city limits of Gretna. Photo taken 04/10/10.
The vintage SR 12 shield was date stamped 02-13-69. Photo taken 04/10/10.
SR 12 (Greensboro Highway) west splits with SR 65 (Hosford Highway) at the adjacent intersection. SR 12 east merges with U.S. 90 in 1.4 miles to Quincy. Photo taken 04/10/10.
County Road 65A North - Porter Mitchell Road
CR 65B (Bettstown Road) branches 2.02 miles northwest from CR 65A to Betts Community Road in Decatur County, Georgia. Photo taken 05/16/16.
County Road 65A South - Porter Mitchell Road
Continuing south from CR 65B (Bettstown Road) on CR 65A at Bettstown. Photo taken 05/16/16.
CR 65A (Porter Mitchell Road) ties into CR 65 (Attapulgus Highway) just north of Scottstown. Photo taken 05/16/16.

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04/10/10, 05/16/16 by AARoads

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