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The southern branch of County Road 65B follows Old Federal Road 11.96 miles east from SR 65 to CR 268 (High Bridge Road). The northern section arcs west from CR 65A (Porter Mitchell Road) at Bettstown 2.02 miles to the Georgia state line.

Both sections of Florida Secondary 65B were added to the state system by 1972 along with S-65C and S-65D.

County Road 65B East - Old Federal Road
The eastbound beginning of CR 65B along Old Federal Road. Photo taken 02/21/10.
CR 65B (Old Federal Road) crosses paths with SR 267 (Pat Thomas Parkway) at the community of Wetumpka. Photo taken 02/21/10.
Florida keys shields for SR 267 on Old Federal Road were replaced after 2010. The junction assembly was date stamped 02-24-65. Photo taken 02/21/10.
County installed shields for SR 267 on CR 65B use the wrong state route design. Photo taken 01/16/16.
SR 267 (Pat Thomas Parkway) branches northeast from SR 20 in Liberty County to U.S. 90/SR 12 in Quincy. Photo taken 02/21/10.
The second keys shield for SR 267 on CR 65B eastbound was also date stamped 02-24-65. Photo taken 02/21/10.
County Road 65B West - Old Federal Road
Confirming marker for CR 65B west of SR 267 at Wetumpka. Photo taken 01/16/16.
County Road 65B (Old Federal Road) ends at SR 65 (Hosford Highway) north of Bear Creek and south of Sawdust. Photo taken 02/21/10.
County Road 65B South - Bettstown Road
Betts Community Road becomes Gadsden County Road 65B south at the state line. Photo taken 05/16/16.
A reassurance marker for CR 65B stands along Bettstown Road just beyond the state border. Photo taken 05/16/16.
Bettstown Road arcs southward from Decatur County, Georgia by a tree farm. Photo taken 05/16/16.
Turning east, CR 65B (Bettstown Road) undulates across a tributary of Camel Creek to Bettstown. Photo taken 05/16/16.
CR 65B concludes at an unmarked intersection with CR 65A (Porter Mitchell Road. CR 65A runs 2.43 miles south from the state line to CR 65 (Attapulgus Highway). Photo taken 05/16/16.

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02/21/10, 01/16/16, 05/16/16 by AARoads

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