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County Road 89 extends south 5.80 miles from U.S. 90 at East Milton to Pine Bluff off Blackwater Bay. Following Ward Basin Road, the two-lane roadway sees a folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 10 just east of its crossing over the Blackwater River.

County Road 89 north
Santa Rosa 89 (Ward Basin Road) begins at Fish Camp Road on the Yellow River and heads north through Pine Bluff. Photo taken 02/11/09.
Northbound Ward Basin Road at Glenview Road in Pine Bluff, where the road ends assemblies are positioned for southbound. Photo taken 08/06/06.
2 photos
2 photos
County Road 184 links CR 89 (Ward Basin Road) with Florida 87 at Nichols Lake Road near NOLF Santa Rosa. Photo taken 08/06/06. Second photo taken 02/11/09.
Traveling northwest from CR 184 through the Ward Basin community along CR 89. Photo taken 11/19/08.
Typical of Interstate 10 interchanges, the road intersecting the freeway widens into a four-lane divided highway. Interstate 10 crosses paths with Santa Rosa County 84 at Exit 28 east of the Blackwater River. Photo taken 11/19/08.
Old Hickory Hammock Road ties in to Santa Rosa County 89 (Ward Basin Road) from a frontage road ahead of the eastbound on-ramp to Tallahassee. Note the missing "e" in the word Tallahassee; the sign was corrected by March 2009. Photo taken 11/19/08.
A mixture of an older Highway Gothic series C Interstate 10 shield and a newer series D shield on Ward Basin Road north. Photo taken 04/30/11.
Interstate 10 continues east to a rest area and Florida 87 (Exit 31) on the 175-mile drive to the Florida capital city. Photo taken 04/30/11.
Passing over Interstate 10, Santa Rosa County 89 (Ward Basin Road) meets the westbound ramp to Pensacola and Mobile. Ward Basin Road quickly reduces to two lanes north of the interchange. Photo taken 04/30/11.
County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road) leads due north for its final mile to U.S. 90 & Florida 87 at East Milton. Photo taken 05/03/09.
U.S. 90 west & Florida 87 north elevate to cross a CSX Railroad line just west of CR 89. The pair curve southwest from the bridge to Marquis Bayou and Downtown Milton. Photo taken 04/30/11.
County Road 89 south
Santa Rosa County 89 begins from U.S. 90 & Florida 87 at East Milton. Pictured here is the first southbound shield, posted between the start and Airport Road. Photo taken 06/11/06.
Ward Basin Road meanders southeast from East Milton to meet Interstate 10 east of its Blackwater River bridges. Photo taken 06/11/06.
Typical of Interstate 10 interchanges, the intersecting road widens into a four-lane divided highway. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Interstate 10 travels west two miles to Santa Rosa County Road 191 at Bagdad and 16 miles to Interstate 110 north of Pensacola. Photo taken 06/11/06.
The eastbound loop ramp joins Interstate 10 ahead of its rest area and Exit 31 with Florida 87. The freeway travels a rural path 175 miles to Tallahassee. Photo taken 06/11/06.
Approaching Santa Rosa County 184 (Hickory Hammock Road) east at Ward Basin on Santa Rosa County 89 (Ward Basin Road) south. Photo taken 02/11/09.
Hickory Hammock Road carries Santa Rosa County 184 east between Ward Basin Road and Florida 87 at Nichols Lake Road. The road is home to a church, a handful of residences, and a set of horse stables. Photo taken 02/11/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Southbound Santa Rosa County 89 reassurance shield posted after Hickory Hammock Road. Note the shield replacement of the series B fonted pentagon with series D font. Photo taken 02/08/06. Second photo taken 02/11/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Yellow flashers and five sets of end signs warn motorists of the impending conclusion of Santa Rosa County 89 (Ward Basin Road) southbound at Pine Bluff. Photos taken 02/11/09.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Ward Basin Road ends abruptly at the Yellow River, east of its mouth with Blackwater Bay. Fish Camp Road lines the river west and east from the south end of Santa Rosa County 89. Photo taken 02/11/09. Second photo taken 02/08/06. Third photo taken 02/08/06.

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02/08/06, 06/11/06, 08/06/06, 11/19/08, 02/11/09, 05/03/09, 04/30/11 by AARoads

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