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County Road 92 is the designation for the western 1.252 miles of International Speedway Boulevard in DeLand. The four-lane arterial extends beyond U.S. 92 and U.S. 17 to Florida 15 (Spring Garden Avenue). Grantham Way from the Glenwood Springs subdivision ties into the west end of International Speedway Boulevard as well.

County Road 92 east
County Road 92 ( International Speedway Boulevard) begins and heads east from SR 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) and Grantham Way. 05/12/08
Stone Street (unsigned CR 4115) meets International Speedway Boulevard north from Florida Hospital-Deland. 05/12/08
Speed limits reduce along CR 92 east ahead of Lake Gertie and U.S. 17/92 (Woodland Boulevard). 05/12/08
Volusia County Road 92 ends as U.S. 92 overtakes International Speedway Boulevard east to DeLand Municipal Airport (DED) and Daytona Beach. These span-wire signals were replaced by mast-arm assemblies in September 2008 05/12/08
County Road 92 west
International Speedway Boulevard continues west from U.S. 17 (Woodland Boulevard) and the separation with U.S. 92. The first shield for CR 92 stands by Gateway Village shopping center 10/19/17
County Road 92 westbound crosses over Lake Gertie on a 1991-built bridge. The eastbound span was completed in 2003. 10/19/17
Stone Street is a north-south through street in west DeLand. The road leads south to Florida Hospital-Deland at Plymouth Avenue where it becomes unsigned CR 4115. 10/19/17
The second Volusia County Road 92 reassurance marker westbound stands beyond Stone Street. 10/19/17
Volusia County Road 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) concludes at SR 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) in northwest DeLand. SR 15A constitutes a truck bypass route for U.S. 17/92 around Downtown. 10/19/17
SR 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) north leads to U.S. 17 for Palatka and SR 11 north for Bunnell. Southward the state road continues to SR 44 (New York Avenue) west to Eustis and U.S. 17/92 in south DeLand. 10/19/17
Grantham Way extends west into the Glenwood Springs subdivision from the end of CR 92 (International Speedway) at SR 15A. This shield assembly for SR 15A was removed by 2013. 03/21/08

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U.S. 17
U.S. 92
State Road 15A / Volusia County Road 15A - DeLand

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