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Baldwin County Road 112 (Old Pensacola Road) traverses large swaths of pine forest along a 32 mile course between U.S. 31 near Bay Minette and the Florida state line west of Muscogee. The east end of CR 112 transitions to Escambia County Road 184 east to Cantonment.

Conversion to Baldwin County Road 112

Plans announced in May 2004 extended Alabama State Route 181 southward 16 miles from U.S. 90 at Malbis to U.S. 98 near Weeks Bay. SR 181 overtook Baldwin County Road 27 (Belforest Road), a rural two lane highway. Four-laning of the Belforest Road to arterial standards commenced in Fall 2009. Expansion accommodated growing commuter traffic on SR 181 between Interstate 10 and County Road 64.

The state of Alabama took over maintenance of CR 27 between U.S. 90 and the CR 27 eastern turn north of Turkey Branch in a mileage swap with Baldwin County. Baldwin County accepted responsibility for maintenance of the entire route of SR 112 in exchange.1 As of early 2006, shields for SR 112 at U.S. 31 were replaced with County Road 112 markers.

County Road 112 East
2 photos
2 photos
Baldwin County 112 begins and heads east from U.S. 31 (East 2nd Street) near the Bay Minette city line. The first shield for SR 112 was replaced by Baldwin County 112 by early 2006. Photo taken 02/08/06. Second photo taken 06/14/04.
Nearing the west of Phillipsville Road Extension (Baldwin County 61) east of Bay Minette. Baldwin County 61 loops east then north through Phillipsville before ending at U.S. 31 near Perdido. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Eastbound Baldwin County 112 at the northbound beginning of Baldwin County 61. Baldwin County 61 follows Phillipsville Road north from the Dyas Creek crossing to U.S. 31. The county road resumes north from Perdido to Lottie, Redtown, and Blacksher. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Continuing southeast from Baldwin County 61 (Phillipsville Road Extension) through undeveloped pine forest land near Hollinger Creek. Photo taken 03/20/09.
The next intersection of importance along Baldwin County 112 is with Baldwin County 64 west of Gateswood. Baldwin County 64 leads south to Exit 53 of Interstate 10 near Rosinton. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Baldwin County 64 travels along Wilcox Road across Interstate 10 before turning west along Rosinton Road to Loxley. Photo taken 03/20/09.
A look at the same intersection and the previous set of shields posted for Baldwin County 64 and Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/23/02.
2 photos
2 photos
Baldwin County 112 marker, and the SR 112 shield it replaced, posted after the junction with Baldwin County 64. 14 miles separate the intersection with the Escambia County line. Photo taken 06/07/06. Second photo taken 12/20/03.
East of Gateswood, Baldwin County 112 eastbound motorists approach the north end of Baldwin County 87. Photo taken 06/07/06.
Baldwin County 87 leads south through pine forest land to meet U.S. 90 at Elsanor. Photo taken 06/07/06.
Leaving Baldwin County 87, Baldwin County 112 continues toward the Magnolia Farms community and Pensacola, Florida. Photo taken 06/07/06.
Baldwin County 112 crosses the Perdido River into the state of Florida, transitioning to Escambia County 184 eastbound en route to Muscogee. Photo taken 03/20/09.
County Road 112 West
Escambia County 184 transitions into Baldwin County 112 at the Perdido River border between Alabama and Florida across a 1960-built concrete bridge. Photo taken 06/05/06.
What was left of a Welcome to Alabama sign posted along Baldwin County 112 beyond the Perdido River crossing. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Baldwin County 112 westbound reassurance marker posted between the river and Champion Paper Road. The first 26 miles of the county road are vastly undeveloped, with just a handful of homes and churches along the forested highway. Photo taken 06/05/06.
A look at the former SR 112 westbound shield posted west of the Perdido River. Photo taken 12/20/03.
Nearing the north end of Baldwin County 87 on Baldwin County 112 westbound. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Baldwin County 87 travels southward through pine forest land to U.S. 90 at Elsanor. The county highway eventually reaches the eastern outskirts of Elberta and U.S. 98 before ending at Baldwin County 20 north of Hammock Bay. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Continuing northwest along Baldwin County 112 toward the rural settlement of Gateswood. Photo taken 06/05/06.
The next connection between Baldwin County 112 and the rest of the county highway network is with Baldwin County 64. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Baldwin County 64 begins and heads south to Exit 53 of Interstate 10 and west from there to Rosinton and Loxley. Truck Route 17 stems west from the county highway nearby to Steelwood Lake in northern Loxley. Photo taken 06/05/06.
2 photos
2 photos
Westbound reassurance shields for SR 112 and Baldwin County 112 posted after Baldwin County 64. Photo taken 06/05/06. Second photo taken 03/23/02.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Much of the forest land situated along Baldwin County 112 is maintained by paper companies. Drivers pass by a dozen or so local or forest roads on the otherwise empty stretch between Gateswood and Baldwin County 61 (Phillipsville Road Extension). Photos taken 06/05/06.
Still several miles out from Bay Minette, Baldwin County 112 meets Baldwin County 61 (Phillipsville Road Extension) north. Baldwin County 61 initially heads east and crosses Dyas Creek near the Florida state line before turning north to Phillipsville. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Baldwin County 61 parallels the Perdido River along Phillipsville Road from Dyas Creek to U.S. 31. Multiple branches of the county road exist north of U.S. 31 at Perdido as well. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Approaching the western terminus of Baldwin 112 (Old Pensacola Road) within eastern reaches of Bay Minette. Photo taken 02/08/06.
U.S. 31 mirrors the course of Interstate 65 to the east between Bay Minette and Atmore. The US route carries light traffic over rolling hills northeast from Baldwin County Road 112. Westward, U.S. 31 travels 1.4 miles along 2nd Street to Courthouse Square in Downtown Bay Minette. Photo taken 02/08/06.

  1. "Officials applaud road-widening projects for Baldwin 27 and U.S. 31." The Mobile Register (AL), May 11, 2004.

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