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County Road 155 represents a continuation of Florida 155 north along Meridian Road, from the Interstate 10 underpass and Tallahassee city line to the Georgia state line. The two-lane roadway connects a series of forested subdivisions with the city to Bannerman Road (CR 0342) near the Killearn Lakes Plantation community. Like most other north Leon County Roads, Meridian Road doubles as a canopy road as it winds northeast by Lake Iamonia to Grady County, Georgia.

County Road 155 North
Leon County typically omits reassurance markers for County Roads after intersections with other County Roads. This scene looks at Meridian Road north of Ox Bottom Road (CR 0346) east. Photo taken 05/12/15.
County Road 155 (Meridian Road) curves around Holley Pond and approaches the east end of Toll County Road 0344 (Orchard Pond Parkway). Photo taken 05/16/16.
This assembly for CR 0342 preceded the intersection with Bannerman Road on CR 155 north prior to the completion of Orchard Pond Parkway. Bannerman Road stems east from the toll road end to Killearn Lakes Plantation and Bradfordville. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Signs alert motorists of the all electronic toll collection aspect of Orchard Pond Parkway in both directions of Meridian Road at County Road 0344. Photo taken 05/16/16.
County Road 0342 takes Bannerman Road east to U.S. 319, and Bradfordville Road east from there to Centerville. This assembly was replaced during construction of Orchard Pond Parkway. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Meridian Road was expanded to accommodate a left turn lane for Orchard Pond Parkway west by 2016. Toll County Road 0344 provides connectivity with Old Bainbridge Road leading northwest to Havana and Gadsden County. Photo taken 05/16/16.
Motorists turning west onto Orchard Pond Parkway pay a toll within the first half mile at an AET gantry. The parkway travels 5.2 miles to County Road 0361. Photo taken 05/16/16.
Canopy Road sign posted north of Orchard Pond Parkway as County Road 155 lines a ridge between Mallard Pond and Lake Iamonia. Photo taken 05/16/16.
The previous route of County Road 0344 followed Orchard Pond Road west from Meridian Road, parallel to what is now Orchard Pond Parkway. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Removed shield assembly for CR 0344 west on CR 155 north. Orchard Pond Road was permanently closed when the tolled parkway opened to traffic on April 18, 2016. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Meridian Road lives up to its designation as a canopy road in this scene north of Rainbow Hill Drive. Photo taken 05/12/15.
A series of hills takes drivers along CR 155 north toward the west arm of Lake Iamonia. Photo taken 05/12/15.
County Road 155 spans a tributary of Lake Iamonia on this 1990-built bridge. Lake Iamonia consists of subtropical prairie lake, similar to Paynes Prairie in Alachua County. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Meridian Road ascends to over 200 feet above sea level to the north of Lake Iamonia. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Forthcoming Leon County Road 12 branches east from County Road 155 along a rural course east to U.S. 319 at Iamonia. Photo taken 05/12/15.
A 0.2-mile overlap takes CR 12 west alongside CR 155 north to Fairbanks Ferry Road. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Fairbanks Ferry Road leads County Road 12 to Concord and Havana in Gadsden County. Photo taken 05/12/15.
County Road 155 ends as Meridian Road enters Grady County, Georgia. The rural highway turns more east toward Rocky Hill and Beachton. Photo taken 05/12/15.
County Road 155 South
Meridian Road (CR 322) west becomes Leon County Road 155 south just ahead in this scene. The state border is unmarked otherwise here. Photo taken 05/12/15.
A reassurance marker for County Road 155 appears along Meridian Road south of the Georgia line. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Continuing south from Gainey Road, motorists on Meridian Road pass by the first canopy road sign. This types of regulatory sign appears throughout Leon County. Photo taken 05/12/15.
1.3 miles south of the state line is the north junction of County Road 155 with County Road 12 (Fairbanks Ferry Road). Photo taken 05/12/15.
County Road 12 travels west into Gadsden County to reach Concord in 6.4 miles and U.S. 27 in the town of Havana in 10.6 miles. Photo taken 05/12/15.
The ensuing intersection on Meridian Road south connects motorists with County Road 12 east to U.S. 319 at Iamonia. This branch of CR 12 is formally named County Road 12, which is an exception in Leon County as every other numbered route besides I-10 is named. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Curving southeast, 0.46 miles ahead of Toll County Road 0344 (Orchard Pond Parkway) on Meridian Road. Distance based trailblazers are posted on all roads leading to Orchard Pond Parkway. Photo taken 05/16/16.
Opened to traffic on April 18, 2016, Orchard Pond Parkway utilizes a single AET gantry for toll collection just west of Meridian Road. Photo taken 05/16/16.
This CR 0342 shield was previously posted before construction tied Orchard Pond Parkway into Meridian Road at Bannerman Road. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Orchard Pond Parkway replaced Orchard Pond Road, an unpaved route previously designated as CR 0344, west form CR 155 to CR 0361 (Old Bainbridge Road). The parkway ties into the intersection with CR 0342 (Bannerman Road) east. Photo taken 05/16/16.
Old CR 0344 (Orchard Pond Road) previously intersected CR 155, 0.7 miles to the north. The T-intersection with CR 0342 was incorporated into the east end of the toll road to improve connectivity between the northeast Tallahassee suburbs and Gadsden County. Photo taken 05/12/15.
Bannerman Road (CR 0342) comprises a commuter route east to Killearn Lakes Plantation and a number of other subdivisions to U.S. 319 (Thomasville Road) at Bradfordville. Photo taken 05/16/16.

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