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Jefferson County Road 158A follows the eastern 4.52 miles of Old Lloyd Road from CR 158 / CR 158B (Rabon Road) northward to Lois and U.S. 90 (Washington Highway) outside Monticello.

The southern segment of County Road 158B links CR 259 (Waukeenah Highway) with U.S. 19 between Nash and Interstate 10. The 1.92 mile connector runs along Nash Road. Rabon Road east from CR 158 / CR 158A (Old Lloyd Road) 3.33 miles to CR 259 constitutes the northern branch of County Road 158B.

County Road 158A West

CR 158A reassurance marker posted just south of U.S. 90 near Lois.

CR 158A (Old Lloyd Road) westbound at Caney Creek.

CR 158A (Old Lloyd Road) merges with CR 158B (Rabon Road) to become CR 158. CR 158B heads east to CR 259 (Waukeenah Highway).
County Road 158B East

CR 158B east after the split with CR 158A (Old Lloyd Road) along Rabon Road.

CR 158B concludes at CR 259 (Waukeenah Highway) southwest of Casa Blanco.

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Connect with:
U.S. 19
U.S. 90
County Road 158 / County Road 1540
County Road 259

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