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County Road 178 travels along a section line between County Road 197 (Chumuckla Highway) at New York to Florida 87. The rural highway totals 9.03 miles.

County Road 178 east
New York Street east becomes County Road 178 east beyond the intersection with County Road 197 (Chumuckla Highway) at the settlement of New York. Photo taken 02/07/06.
An unmarked intersection joins SR 89 with County Road 178. SR 89 joins Jay with Milton to the south and Brewton, Alabama to the north as part of a 26-mile route. Photo taken 02/07/06.
County Road 178 continues east from SR 89 by a number of ponds along Kelly Creek. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Plying eastward through pine forest, CR 178 approaches the bridge over the West Fork of Big Coldwater Creek. Photo taken 02/07/06.
CR 178 emerges from the creek crossing through another agricultural area preceding the intersection with SR 87. Photo taken 02/07/06.
County Road 178 west
Waters from the Juniper and West Fork Big Coldwater Creek combine just north of this bridge along CR 178 west, 1.3 miles beyond SR 87. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Next along CR 178 west is the rural Hollandtown community. Photo taken 05/03/09.
SR 89 curves northward to cross County Road 178 at this stop sign. The rural two-lane road continues to Jay and a short overlap with SR 4. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Santa Rosa County Road 178 remains due west from SR 89 another 3.5 miles. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Approaching the west end of CR 178 at the New York community. Photo taken 05/03/09.
A 23.02-mile route, County Road 197 loops west from SR 89 along Chumuckla Highway to link Jay with Pace. Photo taken 05/03/09.
New York Street stems west from the ending CR 178 to Annie Penton Road. CR 197 otherwise travels south to Chumuckla and north to Brownsdale. Photo taken 05/03/09.

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02/07/06, 05/03/09 by AARoads

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