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Three legs of County Road 184 are signed in Northwest Florida. The westernmost portion extends 5.51 miles from U.S. 29 at Cantonment to the Alabama state line near Muscogee. Alabama 112 used to begin at the CR 184 west end. The 32-mile state route northwest to Bay Minette was turned back to Baldwin County in 2004.

The middle segment of County Road 184 arcs 9.50 miles east along Quintette Road, from U.S. 29 in Escambia County, across the Escambia River to Pace in Santa Rosa County.

Rounding out County Road 184 is Hickory Hammock Road in Santa Rosa County. The 3.34-mile road travels between CR 89 (Ward Basin Road) and Florida 87 to the southeast of Milton.

Escambia County Road 184 - Muscogee Road east
Spanning the Perdido, Baldwin County Road 112 (Old Pensacola Road) transitions into Escambia County Road 184 (Muscogee Road). Photo taken 12/20/03.
Leaving the state line, CR 184 (Muscogee Road) kinks eastward over a series of low rolling hills. Photo taken 03/20/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Beyond the curve after the Perdido River, Muscogee Road approaches the north end of Beulah Road. Beulah Road represents the southernmost stretch of County Road 99 in Escambia County. Photo taken 03/23/02. Second photo taken 03/20/09.
County Road 99 (Beulah Road) meanders south 7.60 miles to Hurst Hammock Road, south of U.S. 90 and the growing Beulah area. Photo taken 03/20/09.
County Road 184 (Muscogee Road) arcs eastward from CR 99 toward the community of Farm Hill. Photo taken 03/20/09.
Jack's Branch Road carries County Road 97 south 6.26 miles from CR 196 near Barrineau Park. Photo taken 03/20/09.
County Road 97 south joins County Road 184 east for an implied overlap along Muscogee Road. Photo taken 03/20/09.
2 photos
2 photos
A third of a mile east on CR 184, County Road 97 resumes a southward heading toward Pine Forest. An expansion project completed by 2011 added turn lanes from both directions of CR 184 to CR 97 south. Photo taken 03/20/09. Second photo taken 07/24/11.
Escambia County Road 97 runs another 4.84 miles southeast through the outer Pensacola suburbs to end at CR 297A. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Continuing east from CR 97, CR 184 (Muscogee Road) bends southeast to eventually parallel a railroad line to Cantonment. Photo taken 07/24/11.
County Road 297A leads north from Pine Forest to end at CR 184 (Muscogee Road) in Cantonment. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Traveling 5.56 miles, CR 297A provides an alternate route to Interstate 10 and Pensacola from Cantonment in lieu of U.S. 29 to the east. Photo taken 07/24/11.
The final stretch of Muscogee Road takes CR 184 east by the International Paper Company Mill in Cantonment. Photo taken 07/24/11.
The Muscogee Road portion of County Road 184 concludes at an unmarked intersection with U.S. 29, opposite Becks Lake Road, in Cantonment. U.S. 29 leads north to Century and south to Gonzalez and its terminus in Pensacola. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Escambia County Road 184 - Muscogee Road west
The first westbound shield of County Road 184 lines Muscogee Road between the International Paper Company Mill to the south and Champion Golf Club to the north. Photo taken 07/24/11.
County Road 184 west and 297A north come together next at Louis Street in Cantonment. Photo taken 07/24/11.
CR 297A begins and heads south 5.56 miles to CR 297 at Pine Forest. Photo taken 07/24/11.
County Road 97 ties into Muscogee Road west near the Farm Hill area. A third of a mile west, CR 97 resumes a northward course along Jack's Branch Road. Photo taken 02/02/06.
Muscogee Road prepares to veer southward toward Baldwin County while CR-97 diverges toward Barrineau Park. Photo taken 02/02/06.
The last intersection of County Road 184 (Muscogee Road) west in Florida joins the north end of CR-99 (Beulah Road) with River Annex Road south. Photo taken 06/05/06.
Beulah Road doubles as County Road 99 south to Beulah and Hurst Hammock Road. Two other segments of CR 99 exist in northern Escambia County as well. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Crossing the Perdido River, Escambia County Road 184 transitions into Baldwin County Road 112 west. Photo taken 02/01/06.
An Alabama welcome sign, which was knocked over by June of 2006, greeted westbound motorists bound for Bay Minette along County Road 112. Photo taken 02/01/06.
The first Alabama 112 shield was posted just after the Perdido River. While AL 112 was decommissioned in 2004, shields for the route remained in places until summer 2006. Photo taken 02/01/06.
County Road 184 - Quintette Road east
Escambia County Road 184 begins and heads east northeast from CR 95A to cross a CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 02/08/06.
East of the railroad line, Quintette Road traverses a series of hills preceding Rocky Branch Road and the Escambia River. Photo taken 02/08/06.
A 0.6-mile long viaduct takes County Road 184 east across the Escambia River into Santa Rosa County. Photo taken 02/08/06.
County Road 184 west
Quintette Road extends northwest from the turn of County Road 197 (Chumuckla Highway) at Woodbine Road (CR 197A south) in north Pace. Construction between July 2012 and June 2013 extended a realigned CR 184A (Berryhill Road) west to directly meet Quintette Road opposite Pigeon Forge Drive pictured here.1 Photo taken 07/24/11.
Pockets of new development line an otherwise increasingly rural stretch of Quintette Road as the road angles toward the Escambia River. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Climbing again from a crossing over Seven Mile Creek along CR 184 west ahead of the Ashley Plantation community. Photo taken 02/01/06.
2 photos
2 photos
Santa Rosa County Road 184 (Quintette Road) bee lines westward from Renfroe Road to a crossing over Ten Mile Creek. Photo taken 07/24/11. Second photo taken 02/01/06.
Rising to cross the Escambia River along Quintette Road westbound. The Escambia flows 60 miles south from the Conecuh River, near the Alabama state line, to Escambia Bay as the border between Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties. Photo taken 07/24/11.
2 photos
2 photos
A viaduct continues the elevated stretch of County Road 184 west from the Escambia River to a crossing of The Canal. The bridge totals 0.6 miles in length. Photo taken 07/24/11. Second photo taken 02/01/06.
Wetlands from the Escambia River extend westward to include the bridge over Rocky Branch. Photo taken 02/01/06.
A reassurance marker for Escambia County Road 184 appears after the Quintette Road intersection with Rocky Branch Road north. Photo taken 01/19/13.
The Quintette Road section of County Road 184 comes to an end at junction Escambia County Road 95A. CR 95A leads south to Cottage Hill and north to Quintette and Molino. Photo taken 01/19/13.
County Road 184 ends, but Quintette Road continues from an adjacent intersection to lead west to U.S. 29. CR 95A represents an old alignment of U.S. 29 north from Cantonment to Barth, and again south through Gonzalez, Ensley and Brent. Photo taken 01/19/13.
Santa Rosa County Road 184 - Hickory Hammock Road east
Santa Rosa County Road 184 travels the entire length of Hickory Hammock Road between Santa Rosa County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road) and SR 87. This is the first eastbound shield. Photo taken 02/11/09.
Santa Rosa County Road 184 ends unceremoniously at SR 87 without any signage. Nichols Lake Road continues east to Southern Raceway and a handful of rural subdivisions while SR 87 represents the main route between I-10 and U.S. 98 at Navarre. Photo taken 02/11/09.
Santa Rosa County Road 184 - Hickory Hammock Road west
Santa Rosa County Road 184 begins at SR 87 near NOLF Santa Rosa and travels west on Hickory Hammock Road. Photo taken 04/30/11.
Approaching Santa Rosa County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road), CR 184 veers southwest and splits with Old Hickory Hammock Road. Hickory Hammock Road was relocated onto a new alignment due to the building of Interstate 10. Photo taken 11/19/08.
Nearing the end of the Hickory Hammock Road segment of Santa Rosa County Road 184 west. Santa Rosa County Road 89 spurs south from U.S. 90 and Milton to a dead end at the Yellow River south of CR 184. Photo taken 03/29/09.
End Santa Rosa County Road 184 at Santa Rosa County Road 89 (Ward Basin Road). Ward Basin Road ends at Pine Bluff to the south and interchanges with Exit 28 of Interstate 10 nearby at Ward Basin. Photo taken 03/29/09.


  1. Five Points Project Nears Completion. Santa Rosa District 1 Newsletter, May 2013.

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