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Following Berryhill Road, County Road 184A encircles suburban areas of north Pace and west Milton to Florida 89 in the city of Milton. Berryhill Road becomes Berryhill Street into Downtown Milton, which was originally part of the county road. CR 184A totals 7.88 miles overall.

County Road 184A east
What was the eastbound beginning of County Road 184A shifted northward onto a new alignment starting at CR 184 (Quintette Road). The relocation moved the intersection away from the adjacent junction between CR 184, CR 197 and CR 197A and extended Berryhill Road directly to Quintette Road. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Two miles to the east, CR 184A (Berryhill Road) intersects the north end of West Spencer Field Road opposite King George Parkway, the entrance to the Hammersmith subdivision. Photo taken 07/24/11.
Santa Rosa County Road 184A (Berryhill Road) enters the city limits of Milton ahead of the traffic light with Northrop Road north and Glover Lane south. Together the two north-south roads provide a loop from U.S. 90 to County Road 191 (Willard Norris Road). Photo taken 02/06/06.
Berryhill Road lines the Whiting Pines housing complex of N.A.S. Whiting Field to the terminus of CR 184A at SR 89 (Dogwood Drive). Photo taken 12/09/12.
SR 89 follows Dogwood Drive south to its end at U.S. 90 (Caroline Street) nearby and north to an overlap with SR 87 ahead of Point Baker. Photo taken 12/09/12.
Berryhill Road extends east from SR 89 to SR 87 and Berryhill Street leading into Downtown Milton. Photo taken 02/07/06.
County Road 184A west
Berryhill Street exits Downtown Milton to intersect SR 87 (Stewart Street). Berryhill Road continues west to SR 89 and the beginning of CR 184A. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Berryhill Road briefly expands through the intersection with SR 89 (Dogwood Drive) in Milton. The first reassurance marker follows SR 89 as the road curves northwest parallel to Collins Creek. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Glover Lane north and Northrop Road south come together at a traffic light beyond the Whiting Pines housing community of N.A.S. Whiting Field. Glover Lane connects with U.S. 90 to the south while Northrop Road links CR 184A with CR 191 (Willard Norris Road) to the north. Photo taken 02/01/06.
With the city limits of Milton behind, County Road 184A (Berryhill Road) continues northwest to the traffic light with Anderson Lane. Anderson Lane connects CR 184A with CR 191. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Berryhill Road turns west along a section line and becomes more rural after Anderson Lane. Photo taken 02/01/06.
A traffic light hangs above the entrance to Berryhill Elementary. Suburban development encroaches on Berryhill Road just to the west. Photo taken 02/01/06.
This scene preceding Pond Creek changed with the addition of turn lanes for Preservation Boulevard, a second entrance road to the adjacent Whispering Creek subdivision. Photo taken 02/01/06.
Crossing Pond Creek along County Road 184A (Berryhill Road) west. This bridge was built in 1978. Photo taken 02/01/06.
West Spencer Field Road leads south from County Road 184A at King George Parkway to Spencer Field OLF and U.S. 90 in Pace. Photo taken 02/01/06.
A stop sign posted at the former west end of County Road 184A. Berryhill Road was realigned to the north to create distance from the adjacent junction between County Roads 197, 197A and 184. Berryhill Road was also extended west to Quintette Road, which carries CR 184 west into Escambia County. Photo taken 07/24/11.

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02/01/06, 02/06/06, 02/07/06, 07/24/11, 04/13/12, 12/09/12 by AARoads

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