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Two segments of County Road 191B are posted in Santa Rosa County. The northern component totals just 0.86 miles as part of an L-shaped route with CR 197A (Bell Lane) north and CR 281B (Cyanamid Road) east between Pea Ridge and Florida 281 (Avalon Boulevard).

Soundside Drive, 4.61 miles east from U.S. 98 (Gulf Breeze Parkway) to Woodlawn Beach, represents the southern County Road 191B. The scenic drive doubles as the Seashore Bicycle Trail as it mirrors the Santa Rosa Sound coastline.

Santa Rosa County 191B - Sterling Way

County Road 191B east
Santa Rosa County 197A (Bell Lane) south turns east as County Road 191B (Sterling Way). A reassurance marker is posted at the transition. Photo taken 07/24/11.
County Road 191B west
County Road 191B extends Cyanamid Road (CR 281B) west from Mulat Road as Sterling Way. A reassurance marker is posted after Mulat Road (former County Road 191A). Photo taken 07/24/11.
Sterling Way west defaults onto County Road 197A (Bell Lane) north to Pea Ridge at an access road to an industrial plant. Photo taken 07/24/11.

Santa Rosa County 191B - Soundside Drive

County Road 191B east
Soundside Drive leads south from U.S. 98 (Gulf Breeze Parkway) in the Midway vicinity. A pentagon resides at the road beginning. Photo taken 02/09/06.
County Road 191B (Soundside Drive) winds east by a number of waterfront homes for the bulk of its route. Pictured here is the approach to County Road 191C (Nantahala Beach Road) north. Photo taken 11/27/12.
Nantahala Beach Road links Soundside Drive with U.S. 98 as the 0.79-mile long CR 191C. Soundside Drive heads another 1.9 miles to the east, with a dead end beyond Oak Drive. Photo taken 11/27/12.
County Road 191B west
Westbound County Road 191B ahead of County Road 191C (Nantahala Beach Road) north. No shields are posted for CR 191B along Soundside Drive west. Photo taken 11/27/12.
CR 191C provides the third link between Soundside Drive and U.S. 98 at Midway. Photo taken 11/27/12.
Soundside Drive curves northward to end at U.S. 98, east of Tiger Point and west of Midway. Photo taken 11/27/12.

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02/09/06, 07/24/11, 11/27/12 by AARoads

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