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Paralleling the Washington County line and U.S. 231, Jackson County Road 195 connects CR 280 (Corbin Road) west of Steele City with U.S. 90 west of Cottondale. All 4.43 miles of CR 195 follow Sapp Road.

County Road 195 North
Leading toward Zannie White Bay, CR 195 is unmarked along Sapp Road northbound. Photo taken 10/05/16.
CR 195 spans Interstate 10 southwest of Sapp Bay. Photo taken 10/05/16.
Obert Road parallels the north side of Interstate 10 west to Rock Hill and east besides Sapp Bay. Photo taken 10/05/16.
U.S. 90 is not acknowledged at the north end of County Road 195 (Sapp Road). Photo taken 05/02/09.
County Road 195 South
The first confirming marker for CR 195 south. Photo taken 05/02/09.
The keys shield for CR 195 south of U.S. 90 was date stamped 12-09-66. Photo taken 05/02/09.
Piney Grove Road stems west from CR 195 (Sapp Road) to Loyls Road on the Washington County line. Photo taken 10/05/16.
The vintage shield for S-280 at the intersection of Sapp and Corbin Road was replaced by 2016. Photo taken 05/01/09.

Photo Credits:

05/01/09, 05/02/09, 10/05/16 by AARoads

Connect with:
U.S. 90
County Road 280

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