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Traveling 27.63 miles through west Santa Rosa County, County Road 197 follows Chumuckla Highway north from the suburban Pace community to Wallace, Chumuckla, new York and Brownsdale to Florida 89 south of Jay. The bulk of this route passes through pine forest or farm land. CR 197 also spurs south from U.S. 90 to Escambia Bay along Floridatown Road.

County Road 197 north
County Road 197 (Floridatown Road) intersects U.S. 90 opposite the beginning of Chumuckla Highway north through Pace. U.S. 90 constitutes a four-lane commercialized arterial east from Pace to Pea Ridge and Milton. Westward, the road curves south across the fringe of Escambia Bay to Pensacola.
The blue U.S. 90 shield posted here was later removed, leaving no sign for U.S. 90 on CR 197 south. Photo taken 11/28/99.
The first reassurance marker for County Road 197 north appears north of U.S. 90 along Chumuckla Highway. Chumuckla lies 13 miles ahead, followed by Jay in 29 miles. Photo taken 11/26/99.
Chumuckla Highway curves northwest after Giddens Drive toward a five-way junction with County Road 197A (Woodbine Road) south, County Road 184 (Quintette Road) west, and County Road 184A (Berryhill Road) east. Photo taken 07/24/11.
County Road 184A begins and follows Berryhill Road east to the city of Milton. The route totals 7.88 miles to SR 89. Photo taken 07/24/11.
The intersection with Berryhill Road was relocated further north to provide distance from the adjacent traffic light with CR 197A (Woodbine Road) and 184 (Quintette Road). A new traffic light was added as well. Photo taken 01/19/13.
Leaving the Pace area, County Road 197 (Chumuckla Highway) heads north to Wallace and Naval Outlying Field Pace and the west end of CR 191 (Willard Norris Road). Photo taken 02/08/06.
The west branch of Santa Rosa County Road 191 travels 9.45 miles southeast from CR 197 to SR 87 in the city of Milton. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Chumuckla Highway veers northwest from CR 191 one mile before turning north again at Ten Mile Road. Photo taken 05/03/09.
County Road 197 heads north to Salter Road before arcing west to meet County Road 182 at the community of Chumuckla. CR 182 leads east from CR 197 to Allentown. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Reassurance marker posted north of CR 182 at Chumuckla. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Four miles further north, CR 197 reaches the rural community of New York. Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 197 next intersects the west end of CR 178 at New York Street. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Santa Rosa County Road 178 stems east 9.03 miles from CR 197 at New York to SR 87, south of Whitfield. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Shifting west across Moore Creek, CR 197 next meets the west end of County Road 164 (Harvest Road) at Brownsdale. Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 164 ventures east 3.81 miles from CR 197 to SR 89. Photo taken 05/03/09.
County Road 197 continues one mile north before curving east toward Jay. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Turning east toward SR 89, County Road 197 (Chumuckla Highway) splits with County Road 197A (Spring Street) north. Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 197A (Spring Street) leads motorists directly into Downtown Jay from CR 197. Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway) concludes at this stop with SR 89, 1.9 miles south of the Jay city limits. Photo taken 05/03/09.
County Road 197 south
Traveling west from SR 89, the first shield for County Road 197 south appears along Chumuckla Highway. Photo taken 05/03/09.
An erroneous sign for CR 197 precedes the south end of Santa Rosa County Road 197A (Spring Street). Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 197A (Spring Street) leads southwest from SR 4 and Downtown Jay, 3.24 miles to CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway). Photo taken 05/03/09.
Santa Rosa County Road 197 turns more southward from CR 197A toward Brownsdale. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Traveling a section line due south, County Road 197 reaches the settlement of Brownsdale and meets CR 164 (Harvest Road) west at Little Rock Road. Photo taken 02/07/06.
CR 164 follows Harvest Road 3.81 miles east to SR 89. A second segment of CR 164 loops 8.85 miles northeast from SR 89 to Cobbtown and SR 4. Photo taken 02/07/06.
2 photos
2 photos
South from Brownsdale, CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway) continues another 1.5 miles before swinging east to cross Moore Creek. Photos taken 02/07/06.
Curving back southward, County Road 197 enters the rural settlement of New York at County Road 178. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Santa Rosa County Road 178 goes 9.03 miles east from CR 197 at New York Street to SR 87. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Reassurance marker posted south from New York along Chumuckla Highway. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Entering the community of Chumuckla along CR 197 south. Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway) intersects the west end of CR 182 at Chumuckla. Photo taken 05/03/09.
CR 182 travels 10.92 miles east from Chumuckla to Allentown and SR 87. Highway 182 extends west from CR 197 to Chumuckla Springs Road as well. Photo taken 05/03/09.
Departing Chumuckla, County Road 197 again turns southeast toward Salter Road. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Approaching the west end of County Road 191 (Willard Norris Road) on CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway) south. Photo taken 02/07/06.
CR 191 splits from CR 197 south for Milton. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Passing by N.A.S. Whiting OLF Pace, CR 197 continues to Wallace just south of CR 191. Photo taken 02/07/06.
County Road 184 (Quintette Road) east, County Road 184A (Berryhill Road) west and County Road 197A (Woodbine Road) north all come together at CR 197A in north Pace. Photo taken 02/07/06.
CR 197 (Chumuckla Highway) turns left to overtake the ending CR 184 (Quintette Road) as CR 197A (Woodbine Road) south begins. CR 197A travels 3.73 miles south to U.S. 90 near the causeway across Escambia Bay while CR 184 arcs west to Escambia County. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Chumuckla Highway becomes more suburban as it leads away from CR 184 through Pace. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Norris Road doubles as County Road 197B east 0.74 miles from Chumuckla Highway to West Spencer Field Road. Photo taken 02/07/06.
West Spencer Field Road extends CR 197B south 1.02 miles to U.S. 90. The road also connects with the NOLF Spencer Field. Photo taken 02/07/06.
The final stretch of Chumuckla Highway leads through a network of residential streets to U.S. 90. Photo taken 02/07/06.
U.S. 90 curves southwest from Pace to Pensacola while traveling east to Pea Ridge and the county seat of Milton. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Floridatown Road carries the remainder of County Road 197 south from U.S. 90. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Diamond Street, a former alignment of County Road 191A, represents the main east-west route through Floridatown. Photo taken 02/07/06.
County Road 197 ends at a boat ramp at Floridatown Park on Escambia Bay. Parkview Street stems east from nearby as another former alignment of CR 191A. Photo taken 02/07/06.

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11/26/99, 11/28/99, 02/07/06, 02/08/06, 05/03/09, 07/24/11, 01/19/13 by AARoads

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