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County Road 210 East
County Road 210 eastbound at Sampson and the diamond interchange with Interstate 95. The southbound off-ramp was expanded to five lanes, with a triple right turn for CR 210 in 2010. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A U.S. 1 trailblazer directs motorists from I-95 east along CR 210 to Durbin. Photo taken 09/22/14.
Angling northeast from I-95, the four lane section of CR 210 ends within a half mile. Photo taken 09/22/14.
Valley Ridge Boulevard begins as County Road 210 dog legs east to intersect U.S. 1 at Durbin. A new overpass was built to connect the west segment of CR 210 with the east segment through Nocatee. Opened on November 14, 2014, the span passes above both U.S. 1 and a Florida East Coast Railroad line.1 Photo taken 09/22/14.
The old alignment of CR 210 connects motorists with U.S. 1 northwest to Bayard and Greenland in south Jacksonville and south to St. Augustine. Photo taken 09/22/14.
A 0.6-mile stretch linked the west and east segments of County Road 210 prior to completion of the Valley Ridge Boulevard overpass. Photo taken 09/22/14.
Nocatee Parkway - East
A two lane flyover shuttles motorists from U.S. 1 south onto Nocatee Parkway east. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A single lane ramp travels at grade from U.S. 1 north to Nocatee Parkway east as the flyover passes overhead. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The right hand lane drops as the two ramps come together. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A roadway stub appears as Nocatee Parkway shifts to the four-lane mainline. The stub alludes to a potential westward extension to Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Nocatee Parkway nips the southeastern corner of Duval County for 1.8 miles. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Two interchanges join Nocatee Parkway with Nocatee over the next two miles. County Road 210 joins the freeway from Valley Ridge Boulevard next. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Valley Ridge Boulevard winds southwest as a four-lane boulevard back toward the Greenleaf community of Nocatee and U.S. 1. This section replaced Palm Valley Road as the new alignment of CR 210. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A loop ramp takes motorists onto Valley Ridge Boulevard north as it circles eastward to the Palms at Nocatee and other neighborhoods of north Nocatee. Photo taken 06/16/16.
County Road 210 / Nocatee Parkway - East
Decorative fixtures support signs along Nocatee Parkway. Speed limits were reduced to 35 or 45 miles per hour during construction of the freeway, and increased to 55 mph by January 2008. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Valley Ridge Boulevard returns and ties into Nocatee Parkway (County Road 210) opposite Crosswater Parkway north. Crosswater Boulevard constitutes the main road south through Nocatee. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Entering the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with Valley Ridge and Crosswater Boulevards on CR 210 east. The eastbound off-ramp includes direct access to the Nocatee Town Center retail area. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Decorative landscaping adorns Nocatee Parkway as it advances east from Crosswater Parkway. Photo taken 06/16/16.
County Road 210 travels another three miles to Ponte Vedra Beach from Nocatee. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Nocatee Parkway ends at the signalized intersection with Palm Valley Road (old CR 210) west and Davis Park Road south. Photo taken 06/16/16.

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