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County Road 210 travels in two segments, with a section of Valley Ridge Boulevard joining the separate sections via a November 2014-opened overpass above U.S. 1. The western branch travels 11.2 miles east from County Road 16A near Orangedale to Blacks Ford, Sampson and U.S. 1 at Durbin. This portion of St. Johns County is expanding with suburban development, and as such, CR 210 was expanded into a four-lane divided arterial from the Cimarrone and South Hampton Golf Club developments east to Interstate 95. A county project further expanded the arterial to six lanes from Leo Maguire Parkway to Interstate 95 between April 2014 and December 2015.

The eastern portion of County Road 210 was realigned due to the Parc Group development of Nocatee. Nocatee is a master planned community spreading to the east of U.S. 1. 2005 estimates for the town called for 14,000 homes and 30,000 residents by 2030.1 The main roads built for the project include Valley Ridge Boulevard, Nocatee Parkway and Crosswater Parkway. With Palm Valley Road displaced by the Nocatee town center area, the county road shifted onto newly built Valley Ridge Boulevard from U.S. 1 north to Nocatee Parkway. CR 210 totals 11.0 miles between U.S. 1 and SR A1A at Ponte Vedra Beach.

County Road 210 / Nocatee Parkway Guides

Nocatee Parkway

Nocatee Parkway comprises a 5.2-mile limited access roadway linking U.S. 1 with the continuation of Palm Valley Road east from Davis Park Road. CR 210 lines the road east from Valley Ridge Boulevard back to its original alignment northeast to Palm Valley and Ponte Vedra Beach. The $80 million parkway1 took over a portion of the old Palm Valley Road right of way when it was built. Adjacent construction expanded Palm Valley Road into a four-lane parkway between the Intracoastal Waterway and expressway beginning.

Construction of Nocatee Parkway started in October 2005. Work was done in tandem with the building of Crosswater Parkway, the main north-south road for Nocatee.1 Traffic was rerouted from Palm Valley Road onto two lanes of the limited access road on March 5, 2007.2 Crews continued work on the second roadway, with an additional lane opened to traffic on July 8, 2007.3 Crosswater Parkway opened to traffic by August 1, 2007, to help reconnect old CR 210 with Ponte Vedra Beach to the east.4

The west end of Nocatee Parkway defaulted south onto Valley Ridge Boulevard when it was completed by November 2007. Speed limits on the road increased to 55 miles per hour in January 2008 as landscaping work wrapped up.5 Valley Ridge Boulevard (CR 210) linked the parkway with U.S. 1 at that time.

Incorporated into the overall $150 million transportation plan for Nocatee, the Parc Group extended Nocatee Parkway west to U.S. 1 at Race Track Road, with work commencing in January 2008. The western stretch of the parkway was not expected to open until 2015 or 2020, but the development group accelerated construction, with the westbound lanes opened on October 23, 2010. The eastbound lanes, including a towering flyover from U.S. 1 south, followed in November 2010.6 This segment of Nocatee Parkway is unnumbered.

Palm River Bridge

A $16.8 million contract to replace the 1937-built two-lane draw bridge carrying County Road 210 across the Intracoastal Waterway was awarded on September 29, 2000. Ground breaking for the project took place in December of that year.7

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place on July 13, 2002 for the bridge opening. The project was completed two months ahead of schedule, awarding the contractor a $1.67 million bonus.8 The new fixed span rises to 65 feet while accommodating four 12-foot wide travel lanes with 6-foot inside and 10-foot outside shoulders. The bridge totals 5,100 feet in length including approaches.7

County Road 210 scenes
Crosswater Parkway north at the SPUI with County Road 210 (Nocatee Parkway) by Nocatee Town Center. 06/16/16
Two banks of signals operate for the Nocatee Parkway SPUI as Crosswater Parkway north becomes Valley Ridge Boulevard west. 06/16/16
Nocatee Parkway Archive
A lane drop preceded the westbound transition of Nocatee Parkway onto Valley Ridge Boulevard. This temporary end point lasted just two years. 06/13/08
Construction of Nocatee Parkway Phase 2 was well underway to extend the freeway west to U.S. 1. 06/13/08
Nocatee Parkway ended as motorists turned southwest. A parclo A-4 interchange is located here now. 06/13/08
Valley Ridge Boulevard south from Nocatee Parkway was previously named Coastal Ridge Boulevard. 06/13/08

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