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County Road 210 West
County Road 210 (Palm Valley Road) winds south from Florida A1A and Ponte Vedra Beach by a handful of residential streets through Palm Valley. The county road runs along the west side of The Plantation at Ponte Vedra golf course community and intersects Landrum Lane west to Roscoe Boulevard (CR 210A) in this scene. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Mickler Road provides that last link between County Road 210 and Florida A1A before Palm Valley Road veers west to the St. Johns County mainland. Photo taken 06/13/08.
A roundabout joins Mickler and Palm Valley Roads opposite a shopping center. Mickler Road east ties into SR A1A at the south end of CR 203 (Ponte Vedra Boulevard). Photo taken 06/13/08.
Reassurance marker posted for CR 210 west as Palm Valley Road leads south from Mickler Road along the boundary of Guana River Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Approaching the Palm Valley Bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway, County Road 210 west intersects the south end of County Road 201A (Roscoe Boulevard). Photo taken 06/13/08.
St. Johns County Road 201A (Roscoe Boulevard) loops underneath the Palm Valley Bridge to parallel the Tolomato River north Palm Valley Landing and Solana Road. Solana Road takes the route east to SR A1A at Ponte Vedra Beach. Photo taken 06/13/08.
The four-lane bridge spanning the Intracoastal Waterway opened to traffic on July 13, 2002. It replaced an adjacent draw bridge. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Lowering from the 65 foot high crest of the Palm Valley Bridge, County Road 210 approaches Nocatee. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Palm Valley Road was expanded to four lanes as part of the project to build Nocatee Parkway. Photo taken 06/13/08.
County Road 210 transitions from Palm Valley Road onto Nocatee Parkway at Davis Park Road. Palm Valley Road (old CR 210) parallels the four-lane parkway to the north as a local road. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Nocatee Parkway expands County Road 210 into a limited access highway as travelers enter the town of Nocatee. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A service road intersects Nocatee Parkway at-grade just west of the Davis Park Road traffic light. Photo taken 06/13/08.
A single point urban interchange (SPUI) follows with Crosswater Parkway south and Valley Ridge Boulevard west. This is the lone sign for the exit. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Crosswater Parkway connects County Road 210 with the Nocatee Town Center retail area as the main north-south road for Nocatee. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Palm trees line the median of Nocatee Parkway through the SPUI with Valley Ridge Boulevard. Photo taken 06/13/08.
2.25 miles of Nocatee Parkway west remain as drivers approach the Valley Ridge Boulevard exits. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The realignment of County Road 210 shifted the route northward into Duval County. Because of this, signs at the adjacent six-ramp parclo interchange omit CR 210, as Duval does not post county roads.
This county line sign is no longer posted. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Valley Ridge Boulevard circles north and east back to the previous exit. Nocatee Parkway ended here in 2008. Photo taken 06/16/16.
County Road 210 splits with Nocatee Parkway to follow Valley Ridge Boulevard southwest to Greenleaf Village and U.S. 1. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Nocatee Parkway - West
Nocatee Parkway continues unnumbered from Valley Ridge Boulevard (CR 210) one mile to U.S. 1 at Race Track Road. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The roadways of Nocatee Parkway separate ahead of U.S. 1. A stub appears for the eastbound lanes. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Reentering St. Johns County along Nocatee Parkway west. Photo taken 06/16/16.
A westbound stub was incorporated into the elevated section of Nocatee Parkway, where motorists turn north onto the U.S. 1 off-ramp. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The lengthy ramp to U.S. 1 swings north back into Duval County just prior to U.S. 1. Photo taken 06/16/16.
Racetrack Road stems west from the Nocatee Parkway end by Bartram Springs and across Interstate 95 to a bevy of suburban development to SR 13. U.S. 1 ventures northwest to SR 9B and Bayard in south Jacksonville and southeast 16 miles to St. Augustine. Photo taken 06/16/16.
County Road 210 West
Valley Ridge Boulevard leads County Road 210 west back into St. Johns County ahead of Cross Town Drive. Speed limits are posted at 45 mph on this stretch. Photo taken 06/13/08.
An overpass opened to traffic in November 2014 to directly link the east and west sections of County Road 210 across U.S. 1. Valley Ridge Boulevard otherwise takes the route west directly to U.S. 1 at Durbin. Photo taken 06/13/08.
U.S. 1 heads south 0.6 miles to the west segment of County Road 210 on a rural drive south to St. Augustine. Ramps join the US route with Nocatee Parkway just to the north. Photo taken 06/13/08.
County Road 210 dog legs to the northwest from U.S. 1 beyond an at-grade crossing with the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad line. This set of shields was removed after 2011. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Another trailblazer for I-95 posted along CR 210 west between U.S. 1 and the Valley Ridge Boulevard overpass. This assembly was replaced by 2011. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Pre-widening look of CR 210 west at Interstate 95. Additional turn lanes were added at the diamond interchange in 2010. Photo taken 06/13/08.
County Road 210 was expanded to six lanes from I-95 and Sampson west to Leo Maguire Parkway in 2015. The mileage sign pictured here for Green Cove Springs was removed during construction. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Leo Maguire Parkway spurs south from CR 210 to the St. Johns Golf & Country Club community and a number of other newer subdivisions. Photo taken 06/13/08.
St. Johns County Road 2209 travels 3.4 miles currently from just south of CR 210 to Race Track Road. The parkway will eventually extend south to CR 208 at Bakersville. Photo taken 06/13/08.
St. Johns Parkway serves a number of subdivisions both north and south of CR 210. Phase 3 of the SR 9B freeway will lead north from the parkway to I-95 when it opens in 2018. Photo taken 06/13/08.
The four-lane section of County Road 210 ends just west of the signalized entrances to both the Cimarrone and South Hampton communities. Expansion of the road west to Greenbriar Road is planned. Photo taken 06/13/08.
St. Johns County Road 210 turns southwest toward Orangedale at Greenbriar Road. Greenbriar Road stems west to SR 13 near Switzerland. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Future construction at CR 210 and Greenbriar Road includes lengthening Veterans Parkway (CR 223) south from Long Leaf Parkway (CR 244). Photo taken 06/13/08.
County Road 210 travels another 2.9 miles from Greenbriar Road to end at CR 16A and CR 244 (Long Leaf Parkway). Photo taken 06/13/08.
The west end of CR 210 formerly met CR 16A at an obtuse angle. Construction of Longleaf Parkway in 2008 realigned the two roads to meet at a right angle. County Road 16A leads drivers another 0.7 miles to SR 13 at Orangedale. Photo taken 06/13/08.

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