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Bay County Road 2312 follows Baldwin Road east 2.827 miles from SR 390 (St. Andrew Boulevard) in Panama City to SR 77 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) in Lynn Haven and CR 389 (East Avenue) at Hiland Park. This collector road was previously numbed as Florida Secondary 744.

County Road 2312 east
The first shield for CR 2312 stands along Baldwin Road as it leads away from SR 390 (St. Andrews Boulevard) near the site of Panama City Bay County Airport. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Baldwin Road constitutes a five-lane boulevard east from SR 390 to State Avenue. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Continuing east from State Avenue, CR 2312 (Baldwin Road) approaches CR 2341 (Jenks Avenue). Photo taken 09/23/09.
Jenks Avenue heads north to SR 390 in Lynn Haven and south to U.S. 98 Business (6th Street) at Downtown Panama City. CR 2341 overlays the collector road between SR 368 (23rd Street) and SR 390. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Baldwin Road passes through an unincorporated area between Lynn Haven and Panama City east of Jenks Avenue (CR 2341). Photo taken 09/23/09.
Harrison Avenue extends north from U.S. 231 and SR 391 as a local roadway to meet CR 2312 (Baldwin Road) at this traffic light. Baldwin Road narrows to two lanes east from here. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Shifting slightly southward, Baldwin Road crosses SR 77 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) at an unmarked intersection. SR 77 provides one of two highways leading north from Panama City to the I-10 corridor. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Reassurance marker posted east of SR 77 along Baldwin Road. CR 2312 straddles the Lynn Haven city line briefly here. Photo taken 09/23/09.
County Road 2312 passes through a residential street grid outside the Lynn Haven city limits and west of Hiland Park at this reassurance marker. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Upcoming County Road 389 (East Avenue) heads south from Lynn Haven through Hiland Park and Cedar Grove. Photo taken 09/23/09.
South from nearby U.S. 231, East Avenue becomes State Road 389 as it progresses south to north Springfield and U.S. 98 Business (5th Street) in southeast Panama City. Photo taken 09/23/09.
Installed by Bay County on September 17, 2003, a white on black shield for U.S. 231 precedes the east end of CR 2312 in Hiland Park. A second section of Baldwin Road extends east from a frontage road along U.S. 231 to Transmitter Road (CR 2327). Photo taken 12/18/08.
County Road 2312 west
Baldwin Road branches west from U.S. 231 at Hiland Park and quickly approaches County Road 389 (East Avenue). Photo taken 01/16/16.
County Road 389 extends north from adjacent U.S. 231 and SR 389 (East Avenue) 3.8 miles to 12th Street and SR 77 (Ohio Avenue) in central Lynn Haven. Photo taken 12/18/08.
The first shield for County Road 2312 stands along Baldwin Road westbound between CR 389 (East Avenue) and Sarasota Avenue. Photo taken 01/16/16.
Jenks Avenue leads north from Downtown Panama City to become County Road 2341 at SR 368 (West 23rd Street). CR 2341 continues north one mile to a signalized intersection with CR 2341 (Baldwin Road). Photo taken 01/16/16.
North from Baldwin Road, CR 2341 (Jenks Avenue) travels 1.3 miles to SR 390 at Northshore Road in the city of Lynn Haven. Photo taken 01/16/16.

Photo Credits:

  • 12/18/08 by AARoads.
  • 09/23/09 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.
  • 01/16/16 by AARoads and Jake Bear.

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