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County Road 2321 comprises a loop in the Panama City area connecting Florida 77 at Southport with U.S. 231 at College Station. The 6.143 mile route spans North Bay across Deer Point Lake Dam between Ira Hutchinson Park and McCall Evertitt Parks. Prior to 1977, CR 2321 was numbered Florida Secondary 77A.

County Road 2321 north
County Road 2321 begins and heads north from U.S. 231 at College Station. The initial rural stretch was formally located along the Cedar Grove town line. Cedar Grove deincorporated in 2008. 09/23/09
County Road 2293 (Titus Road) stems east from County Road 2321 north back to U.S. 231. 09/23/09
The west branch of CR 2293 leads 1.196 miles east along Titus Road. The east branch lines John Pitts Road 1.995 miles east from CR 2315 (Star Avenue) at U.S. 231 to Old Majette Tower Road in northeastern reaches of the Panama City limits. 09/23/09
Angling northwest, County Road 2321 remains rural and next approaches County Road 2311 north to the community of High Point. 09/23/09
Replacing Florida Secondary 77C, CR 2321 runs 2.707 miles north along Williams Bayou and Deer Point Lake to High Point Road. 09/23/09
County Road 2321 spans Deer Point Lake across Deer Point Dam between northeast Lynn Haven and Southport. 09/23/09
The 1,440 foot long bridge over Deer Point Lake Dam was constructed in 1957.1 09/23/09
Deer Point Lake opens west into the waters of North Bay. SR 77 crosses North Bay in the distance between Lynn Haven and Southport. 09/23/09
Continuing north onto a peninsula between Hodges Bayou and Deer Point Lake, CR 2321 enters the unincorporated community of Southport. 09/23/09
Resota Beach Road, former CR 2302, stems east and north from CR 2321 to Resota Beach and the Cedar Ridge neighborhood. 09/23/09
Leading due west from Resota Beach Road, CR 2321 crosses Garner Bayou and ends at SR 77 near Fanning Bayou. SR 77 is a four-lane corridor north from Panama City and Lynn Haven to Chipley. 09/23/09
County Road 2321 south
Advancing southeast from Ira Hutchinson Park, CR 2311 runs along the Lynn Haven city line ahead of CR 2311 north to High Point. 10/30/10
CR 2321 curves southeast 0.75 miles from CR 2311 to intersect CR 2293 (Titus Road) east. 10/30/10
Titus Road provides a cut off to U.S. 231 north from CR 2321 south. CR 2293 comprises two sections. The Titus Road segment runs 1.196 miles while an adjacent section along John Pitts Road overlays what was Florida Secondary 390 two miles east from U.S. 231. 06/20/09
Heading south from CR 2311, CR 2321 concludes at U.S. 231 in one mile at College Station. U.S. 231 comprises a four-lane arterial southwest to Hiland Park and Panama City and northeast to Bayou George and Youngstown. 10/30/10
Colored shields for U.S. 231 were posted at the south end of Bay County Road 2321 until 2010. These dated from September 12, 1974. 09/23/09

  1. CR 2321 over Deer Point Lake, Bay County, Florida.

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U.S. 231
State Road 77
County Road 2311

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