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Jenks Avenue leads 4.451 miles north from U.S. 98 Business (6th Street) in Downtown Panama City to State Road 390 at the city of Lynn Haven. The street north of SR 368 (23rd Street) is designated County Road 2341.

Jenks Avenue north
Jenks Avenue heads five blocks north from U.S. 98 Business to County Road 28 at West 11th Street. 12/18/08
11th Street joins residential areas of Panama City west to Beck Avenue (U.S. 98 Business). County Road 28 travels east to Cedar Grove and U.S. 98 (Tyndall Parkway) across the city of Springfield. 12/18/08
2 photos
2 photos
Jenks Avenue crosses the Bay Line Railroad and intersects U.S. 98 (West 15th Street) adjacent to the five-way intersection with U.S. 231 and SR 391 (Harrison Avenue). Skewed nearly 180 degrees at the time, a vintage U.S. 98 shield assembly from October 19, 1972 stands ahead of 15th Street. 12/18/08
County Road 2341 north
Heading north from CR 2312 (Baldwin Road) along CR 2341 (Jenks Avenue) toward Lynn Haven. 09/23/09
26th Street east links Jenks Avenue (CR 2341) with SR 77 (Lynn Haven Parkway). 09/23/09
County Road 2341 south
Bay County Road 2341 confirming marker posted south of Baldwin Road (CR 2312). 01/16/16
Southbound Jenks Avenue reenters Panama City midway between Baldwin Road and Fairmont Drive. 01/16/16
County Road 2341 ends at SR 368 (West 23rd Street). The state road runs across the north side of Panama City Beach west to U.S. 98 at the Hathaway Bridge and east to U.S. 231 at Diego Park. 01/16/16
Jenks Avenue south
2 photos
2 photos
Jenks Avenue enters Downtown Panama City, where it meets U.S. 98 Business. A vintage shield assembly dating from January 20, 1972 formerly acknowledged the U.S. highway along West 6th Street. It was removed during a sidewalk replacement project by 2015. 10/17/11, 04/04/09
U.S. 98 Business shifts onto Beach Drive along St. Andrew Bay from 6th Street, just west of Jenks Avenue. 6th Street continues the route through Downtown to Watson Bayou. Jenks Avenue extends another two blocks south to Oak Avenue. 01/16/16

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