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There are two segments of County Road 269A in Gadsden County. The southern section constitutes a 3.41 mile long loop south from CR 269 (Main Street) in Chattahoochee to CR 268 (Hardaway Highway) near Rosedale. The 0.44 mile long northern branch links U.S. 90 with Georgia State Route 97 (Faceville Highway).

County Road 269A North
A trailblazer directs motorists onto Maple Street north from CR 269A (Lincoln Drive) to U.S. 90 along Washington Street. Photo taken 02/21/10.
County Road 269A South
CR 269A follows Chattahoochee Street north to Lincoln Drive east. Photo taken 07/03/09.
Chattahoochee Street extends north parallel to CR 269 (Main Street) while CR 269A turns east to Maple Street. Photo taken 11/24/15.
Vintage reassurance marker posted on Lincoln Drive east at Coleman Street. Photo taken 11/24/15.
This keys shield was date stamped 09-09-66. Photo taken 11/24/15.
Lincoln Drive east at Maple Street, which provides a direct route north to U.S. 90 (Washington Street). Photo taken 11/24/15.
Lincoln Drive angles southeast across a CSX Railroad line and then Mosquito Creek. Photo taken 11/24/15.
CR 269A (Lincoln Drive) south at East Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Photo taken 11/24/15.
CR 269A concludes at CR 268 (Hardaway Highway) east of CR 269 (Bonnie Hill Road) at Rosedale. Photo taken 11/24/15.
County Road 269A North - Faceville Road
2 photos
2 photos
The lone reassurance marker for CR 269A along Faceville Road was removed by 2013. Photo taken 11/23/08. Second photo taken 07/03/09.
Faceville Road lowers into a valley fed by Boykin Branch ahead of the Georgia state line. Photo taken 11/23/08.
Crossing the Georgia state line, CR 269A (Faceville Road) becomes SR 97 (Faceville Highway). Photo taken 06/11/06.
Georgia Route 97 travels ten miles northeast to the unincorporated community of Faceville. Photo taken 11/28/08.
County Road 269A South - Faceville Road
SR 97 (Faceville Highway) south ends and CR 269A (Faceville Road) begins. Photo taken 06/11/06.
Vintage 55 mile per hour speed limit sign on CR 269A (Faceville Road) south of Longleaf Street. Photo taken 06/11/06.
Curving south from Cypress Street, CR 269A (Faceville Road) approaches U.S. 90. Photo taken 07/15/12.
2 photos
2 photos
The colored shield for U.S. 90 on Faceville Road south was removed by 2013. Photo taken 11/23/08. Second photo taken 06/11/06.
A small guide sign referencing the destinations of U.S. 90 on CR 269A (Faceville Road) southbound was also removed by 2013. Photo taken 06/11/06.

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06/11/06, 11/23/08, 11/28/08, 07/03/09, 02/21/10, 07/15/12, 11/24/15 by AARoads

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