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There are three branches of County Road 270A designated in Gadsden County. The western leg measures 10.88 miles along Flat Creek Road south from CR 269 (Little Sycamore Church Road) to I-10 and Flat Creek and east to SR 12 in Gretna.

The middle section on Martin Luther King Boulevard and Luten Road runs 3.59 miles between CR 65A (Dewey Johnson Way) in Gretna and CR 268 (Soloman Dairy Road) north of Quincy. Measuring just 0.85 miles on Salter Road, the eastern segment of CR 270A links SR 267 (Bainbridge Highway) with CR 65 (Attapulgus Highway) north of Quincy.

County Road 270A East - Flat Creek Road
CR 379 stems south from CR 270A and Flat Creek along Audie Clark Road. The 3.96 mile branch of CR 379 links with CR 270 (Sycamore Road), CR 269B (Juniper Road) and SR 12 south of Greensboro. Photo taken 02/21/10.
CR 268A (Cochran Road) heads 1.79 miles north from CR 270A to CR 268 near Hardaway. Photo taken 02/21/10.
CR 270 along Tolar-White Road provides a direct route south into central Greensboro from CR 270A (Flat Creek Road). Photo taken 02/21/10.
2 photos
2 photos
The shield for CR 270 south at Tolar-White Road and the corresponding reassurance marker for CR 270A were both removed by 2015. Photo taken 11/24/15. Second photo taken 02/21/10.
A separate branch of CR 270 intersects CR 270A (Flat Creek Road) north of SR 12. Photo taken 02/21/10.
Bassett Road leads CR 270 northeast into Gretna. Photo taken 02/21/10.
CR 270A along Flat Creek Road ends at SR 12 just ahead of SR 65 (Hosford Highway) south. Photo taken 02/21/10.
County Road 270A West - Flat Creek Road
2 photos
2 photos
CR 270A (Flat Creek Road) navigates through a series of S-curves northwest from Flat Creek to a diamond interchange with Interstate 10. Photos taken 05/16/16.
Replaced guide sign for the I-10 westbound entrance ramp on CR 270A. Photo taken 02/21/10.
Beyond Interstate 10, CR 270A lowers ahead of Flat Creek. Photo taken 05/16/16.
CR 270A concludes at CR 269, which follows Little Sycamore Road south to Sycamore and Bonnie Hill Road north to Rosedale. Photo taken 05/16/16.
A CR 269 pentagon with a double headed arrow was removed from CR 270A after 2010. Photo taken 05/16/16.
County Road 270A East - Salter Road
The beginning of CR 270A (Salter Road) east from SR 267 (Bainbridge Highway). Photo taken 05/02/20.
County Road 270A West - Salter Road
Confirming marker for CR 270A posted along Salter Road west of CR 65 (Attapulgus Highway). Photo taken 05/02/20.
Salter Road crosses Holman Bridge just ahead of SR 267 (Bainbridge Highway). Photo taken 05/02/20.
SR 267 is unmarked at the west end of CR 270A along Salter Road. SR 267 leads south into Quincy and north to Decatur County, Georgia. Photo taken 05/02/20.

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02/21/10, 11/24/15, 05/16/16, 05/02/20 by AARoads

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