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County Road 296 extends 10.001 miles east from Hamlin Boulevard (CR 213) in unincorporated Pinellas County to I-275 in St. Petersburg. Following 102nd Avenue North, the county road originates between the Bay Hill and Imperial Point subdivisions as a four lane, divided parkway. East from Antilles Drive, 102nd Avenue narrows to two lanes and heads into the city of Seminole south of Walsingham Park. CR 296 widens into a four-lane arterial at Ridge Road.

102nd Avenue leaves the Seminole city limits east of U.S. 19 Alternate (Seminole Boulevard) and then crosses Lake Seminole ahead of a six-lane wide S-curve taking CR 296 north onto Bryan Dairy Road. CR 296 enters Pinellas Park east of the CSX Railroad line by Bayou Club golf course. Industrial frontage lines both sides of Bryan Dairy Road from there to Belcher Road (CR 501) and a single point urban interchange (SPUI) with SR 693 (66th Street North). Continuing as a controlled access roadway, CR 296 trends northward to U.S. 19, where a SPUI connects the north-south freeway with the county road at 118th Avenue North.

The remainder of CR 296 (118th Avenue North) east to Interstate 275 is under construction as part of the Gateway Expressway (SR 690). Work through 2021 adds a four-lane viaduct along the six-lane arterial through industrial areas of Pinellas Park to the short freeway spur linking 118th Avenue North with I-275 by the Pinellas County landfill. A systems interchange connects the east end of CR 296 with Interstate 275 just inside the St. Petersburg city limits.

Pinellas County Road 296 at I-275 - St. Petersburg

CR 296 shifts onto a short freeway linking 118th Avenue N with I-275. The Gateway Expressway (SR 686A/690) will utilize this connection. 12/31/19

Improvements made along County Road 296 in 2002 include the addition of the SPUI with SR 693 and the flyovers linking the 118th Avenue North freeway spur with Interstate 275. The U.S. 19 overpasses across CR 296 (118th Avenue North) were completed in 2008.

Bryan Dairy Road derives its name from Bryan's Dairy Farm. The 100-acre site was located in central Pinellas County in the 1950s.1

Pinellas County Road 296 East
County Road 296 (Bryan Dairy Road) shifts a half mile northward from the SPUI with SR 693 (66th Street N) to line up with 118th Avenue E toward I-275. 08/22/15
Posted with a 45 mile per hour speed limit, CR 296 (Bryan Dairy Road) is a limited access expressway east to U.S. 19. 08/22/15
A pedestrian crossing links the Autumn Run neighborhood in Pinellas Park at 62nd Street N to Pinellas Park High School. 08/22/15
County Road 296 converges with the U.S. 19 freeway next at 118th Avenue N. 08/22/15
U.S. 19 constitutes an urban style freeway with companion frontage roads northwest from CR 611 (49th Street N) in Pinellas Park through Largo and Clearwater. 08/22/15
Traffic headed south on U.S. 19 follows the west side frontage road for 1.1 miles to a slip ramp preceding the exchange with 49th Street N. Overtaking 34th Street N, U.S. 19 south enters St. Petersburg in 5.5 miles. 08/22/15
The single point interchange joining U.S. 19 with CR 296 (118th Avenue N / Bryan Dairy Road) replaced an often congested intersection. The six-lane overpass was completed in 2008. 08/22/15
A Pinellas County installed state-named trailblazer for I-275 stood east of U.S. 19 along CR 296. It was replaced in 2016. 08/22/15
Advancing east 0.75 miles from U.S. 19, CR 296 (118th Avenue N) meets CR 611 (49th Street N). 08/22/15
County Road 611 (49th Street N) travels nearly the length of Pinellas County, from Gulfport and St. Petersburg north across the Bayside Bridge into Clearwater and to the Pasco County line near Tarpon Springs. 08/22/15
The intersection with 43rd Street N was converted from a J-turn configuration to provide access to the 40th Street N connector to SR 686 / 688 (Ulmerton Road) near PIE Airport in 2016. 08/22/15
A wide median separates the CR 296 roadways east from 43rd Street N. Gateway Expressway construction from November 2017 to late 2021 includes the addition of elevated roadways for SR 690 in this grassy swath. 08/22/15
34th Street N intersects CR 296 (118th Avenue N) between the Pinellas County landfill and industrial park areas to the north. A 2010-built flyover bypasses the intersection along CR 296 westbound. 08/22/15
CR 296 turns south at the succeeding traffic light with 31st Court N onto the freeway link to Interstate 275. 05/28/14
118th Avenue N continues east to 28th Street N as CR 296 shifts onto the one mile long freeway to Interstate 275. 05/28/14
County Road 296 spans 28th Street N ahead of the systems interchange with Interstate 275. The Gateway Expressway will overlay this stretch, with separate flyovers connecting to the Express toll lanes for I-275 and the general travel lanes. 08/22/15
Traffic partitions for Interstate 275 south to Downtown St. Petersburg and I-275 north across the Howard Frankland Bridge into Tampa. 05/28/14
A lane drop occurs on the flyover leading to Interstate 275 north from CR 296 east. The exchange between the two freeways was expanded in 2002. 08/22/15
Pinellas County Road 296 West
2 photos
2 photos
The flyover from I-275 north splits with ramps for CR 296 (118th Avenue North) west and SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) west to St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). 09/19/14
County Road 296 westbound follows a 1.25 mile long freeway to merge with 118th Avenue N beyond 34th Street N. A wye interchange first connects the freeway with 118th Avenue N at 31st Court N. 08/22/15
Passing by the first confirming marker for County Road 296 west. 08/22/15
The Gateway Expressway (SR 690) will extend west from the elevates lanes of CR 296 over 34th Street N as a toll road. The 118th Street N off-ramp will represent the last departure point before an all electronic toll (AET) collection point. 08/22/15
The elevated ramp spanning 118th Avenue N eastbound and 34th Street N was completed in 2010. 08/22/15
2 photos
2 photos
A wide median accommodates construction of the Gateway Expressway between the at-grade roadways of 118th Avenue North (CR 296). A wye interchange will be constructed to the immediate west with SR 686A northwest to PIE Airport. 08/22/15, 04/17/16
Previously an emergency signal, the traffic lights along CR 296 at 43rd Street N and the connector to 40th Street N switched to conventional operation in 2016. 04/17/16
Continuing west CR 296 (118th Avenue N) intersects CR 611 (49th Street N) in the city of Pinellas Park. 04/17/16
County Road 611 (49th Street N) constitutes a major arterial route through Pinellas Park. CR 611 heads south to Lealman and St. Petersburg and north to High Point and the Bayside Bridge north from Largo to Clearwater. 08/22/15
The elevated lanes of the Gateway Expressway (SR 690) will span the intersection of CR 611 (49th Street N) and continue between the travel lanes of CR 296 (118th Avenue N) to a pair of high flyovers joining it with U.S. 19 north and from U.S. 19 south. 04/17/16
A half diamond interchange will link the Gateway Expressway with CR 296 (118th Avenue North) just ahead of the U.S. 19 freeway. The limited access stretch of U.S. 19 extends northwest from CR 611 (49th Street North) nearby to SR 580 in north Clearwater. 04/17/16
Reverse color shields for U.S. 19 precede the SPUI linking the freeway with 118th Avenue North / Bryan Dairy Road. 04/17/16
U.S. 19 was elevated above County Road 296 by 2008. The upgrade was part of long term construction to convert the commercial arterial into a freeway linking St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park with Clearwater and points north in Pinellas County. 04/17/16
2 photos
2 photos
A pair of reassurance shields stand along Bryan Dairy Road west of U.S. 19. Advancing with six overall lanes, the next 1.75 miles of CR 296 were built to expressway standards. 04/17/16, 08/22/15
A pedestrian bridge spans the Bryan Dairy Expressway at 62nd Street North. 04/17/16
Curving southwest, CR 296 (Bryan Dairy Road) enters the single point interchange with SR 693 (66th Street North). 04/17/16
The SPUI with SR 693 (66th Street North) was completed in 2002. SR 693 is a major north-south arterial extending north from St. Pete Beach through South Pasadena, west St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park and the U.S. 19 freeway at Largo. 04/17/16
Bryan Dairy Road transitions into an at-grade arterial west of the entrance ramp from SR 693 (66th Street North). 04/17/16
An unmarked intersection follows along CR 296 (Bryan Dairy Road) west at CR 501 (Belcher Road). Belcher Road stems north from 71st Street North along the west side of Pinellas Park to the city of Largo. 04/17/16
County Road 296 (102nd Avenue) concludes at the intersection with Hamlin Boulevard and Imperial Point Drive into the Imperial Point subdivision. Hamlin Boulevard 1.01 miles north to SR 688 (Walsingham Road) is unsigned CR 213. 05/04/19

  1. "Whoops! Sign misspells Bryan Dairy Road." Tampa Bay Times (FL), December 17, 2013.

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