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County Road 3037 is a 0.421 mile long connector between County Road 30 (Front Beach Road) and U.S. 98 (Panama City Beach Parkway) at Laguna Beach. CR 3037 is the last remaining signed connector route between U.S. 98 and its former alignment along Front Beach Road. It was previously numbered as Florida Secondary 30E.

Other branch routes from SR 30 in Bay County included:

  • 30A - Cobb Road
  • 30F - Hills Road
  • 30J - Argonaut Street
  • 30C - Clara Avenue
  • 30H - Alf Coleman Road
  • 30D - Beckrich Road (later renumbered as CR 3033 and renamed Richard Jackson Boulevard)
  • 30B - Moylan Road, with a second branch along Joan Avenue south from Front Beach Road to CR 392 (Thomas Drive)
County Road 3037 north
County Road 3037 reassurance marker posted north of Front Beach Road (CR 30) on Wisteria Lane. 10/13/16
2 photos
2 photos
A vintage Florida Keys shield stands along Wisteria Lane north at Panama City Beach Parkway, displaying the hidden state road number for U.S. 98. This sign is date stamped May 12, 1971. 10/13/16
County Road 3037 south
Wisteria Lane angles southwest through the Laguna Beach residential street grid from U.S. 98 beyond the reassurance shield for County Road 3037. 06/19/11
A U.S. 98 marker alludes to the former status of Front Beach Road as the mainline of U.S. 98 between Sunnyside and Panama City Beach at the south end of CR 3037 (Wisteria Lane). 06/19/11
The reverse colored U.S. 98 shield on Wisteria Lane was installed on February 2, 1972. 10/13/16

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06/19/11, 10/13/16 by AARoads

Connect with:
U.S. 98
State Road 30

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