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Volusia County 4053 follows a rural course for 6.83 miles north from Florida State Road 44 to U.S. 17 west of DeLand and east of Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge. The county road follows Grand Avenue north to Retta Street, which links the north end of the route with U.S. 17 at De Leon Springs.

A roundabout replaced the two-way stop intersection at the south end of CR 4053 (Grand Avenue) at SR 44. The $1.9 million project ran through Spring 2017.1 The Spring-to-Spring Trail constructed by Volusia County added a multi-use path along Grand Avenue.

County Road 4053 North
What was the first confirming marker for CR 4053 was posted to the immediate north of SR 44 along Grand Avenue. This assembly was removed during construction to convert the intersection into a roundabout in 2016-17. Photo taken 07/10/08.
County Road 4053 (Grand Avenue) dog legs west at Minnesota Avenue. Photo taken 07/10/08.

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07/10/08 by AARoads

Connect with:
U.S. 17
State Road 44

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