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A number of streets and roads cobble together to form the 5.96 mile route of County Road 4139 through Cassadaga, Lake Helen and east DeLand. The county road follows a portion of what was Florida State Road 430A, a north-south route between U.S. 17/92 at the Orange City center and U.S. 92 near Daytona Park Estates.

CR 4139 stems east from CR 4101 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Beltway) along Cassadaga Road to Marion Street in Cassadaga. Macy Avenue takes the route north into Lake Helen. Navigating along a circuitous route to the Lake Helen city center, CR 4139 lines portions of Macy Avenue, Ohio Avenue, Lakeview Drive, New York Avenue and Summit Avenue. CR 4139 concludes at SR 44 near Lake Winnemissett.

County Road 4139 South
County Road 4139 ventures south from SR 44 and old SR 44. When SR 44 was expanded into a four-lane arterial, it was realigned southward further from Lake Winnemissett. This shifted the north end of CR 4139 slightly southward. 08/28/08
The mileage sign for Lake Helen and Cassadaga south of SR 44 alludes to the former status of County Road 4139 as SR 430A. 08/28/08
CR 4139 crosses over Interstate 4 between split sections of McKenzie Road. 08/28/08
Entering the Lake Helen city limits, CR 4139 follows North Summit Avenue. 08/28/08
Summit Avenue leads CR 4139 south through the Lake Helen street grid to New York Avenue. 08/28/08
Volusia County Road 4139 turns east onto New York Avenue. Summit Avenue continues south four blocks to Main Street (CR 4116) and eight blocks to Pennsylvania Avenue. 08/28/08
Reassurance marker posted along New York Avenue east for CR 4139. 08/28/08
New York Avenue leads CR 4139 four blocks east to Lakeview Drive. 08/28/08
Lakeview Drive turns CR 4139 south alongside Lake Helen to the city center. 08/28/08
Approaching the east end of CR 4116 (Main Street) on CR 4139 (Lakeview Drive) south. 08/28/08
CR 4116 follows Main Street west from Lake Helen to Orange Camp Road at Interstate 4. 08/28/08
Overall Volusia County Road 4116 travels west from Lake Helen across south DeLand to U.S. 17/92 (Woodland Boulevard) and Fatio Road near Lake Beresford. 08/28/08

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