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Seminole County Road 415 represents an old alignment of SR 415 traveling 3.4 miles west along Celery Avenue from near the Douglas Stenstrom Bridge over the St. Johns River, to Sanford Avenue. The county road doglegs onto 13th Street west to end a half mile west from Sanford Avenue at U.S. 17-92 (French Avenue) in central Sanford.

Seminole County Road 415 West
Celery Avenue branches west from SR 415 with a begin shield for CR 415. CR 415 turns west at Peninsula Point (original SR 415) for suburban areas north of Midway. 02/29/08
Seminole County Road 415 (Celery Avenue) runs just north of the Midway community along a rural stretch. 02/29/08
CR 415 (Celery Avenue) westbound wholly enters the Sanford city limits beyond the Celery Estates subdivision and Brisson Avenue. 02/29/08
CR 415 (Celery Avenue) west intersects Mellonville Road (unsigned CR 4201) at a traffic light. Mellonville Road heads south to SR 46 (East 25th Street) near Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) and north to Seminole Boulevard along the south shore of Lake Monroe. 02/29/08
Seminole County Road 415 dog legs along Sanford Avenue between Celery Avenue and 13th Street. Sanford Avenue heads south to Seminole County Road 425 / 427 and Ronald Reagan Boulevard and north to Downtown Sanford. 02/29/08
Turning southward onto Sanford Avenue, Seminole County Road 415 travels one block before the western turn onto 13th Street. 02/29/08
Seminole County Road 415 remains well signed with a reassurance shield posted on 13th Street west. 02/29/08
13th Street westbound at Park Avenue (unsigned CR 4213). Park Avenue continues Park Drive north from SR 46 (25th Street) into historic Downtown Sanford, ending by Sanford City Hall and the Seminole County Courthouse at Veterans Memorial Park. 02/29/08
County Road 415 west ends at U.S. 17-92 (French Avenue). French Avenue consists of a five-lane commercial boulevard leading south from Lake Monroe to Orlando Drive at Park Drive. SR 46 coincides with the U.S. highway pair between its routes along 25th Street and 1st Street. 02/29/08
Seminole County Road 415 East
Seminole County Road 415 (Celery Avenue) ends at SR 415 by the south approach to the Douglas Stenstrom Bridge across the St. Johns River. Work to four-lane SR 415 between 2012-16 included a realignment of CR 415 southward. 02/29/08

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U.S. 17
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State Road 415 / County Road 415

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