County Road 420 follows a circuitous route 14.58 miles north of Florida State Road 50 (East Colonial Drive) in eastern Orange County. The western half follows Lake Pickett Road northeast from Colonial Drive to the College Heights development. Crossing the Econlockhatchee River, Lake Pickett Road turns east to the Ken Bosserman Econlockhatchee River Preserve and rural pastures between Lake Tanner and Corner Lake.

Lake Pickett Road intersects Chuluota Road (CR 419) southeast of Lake Drawdy. Construction in 2008 realigned Lake Pickett Road and eliminated a dog leg taking CR 420 north alongside CR 419. Lake Pickett Road curves northeast through the Mandalay subdivision, rejoining Old Lake Pickett Road ahead of the Fontana Estates neighborhood, south of Lake Pickett.

An S-curve takes CR 420 around Lake Louise, with the remainder of Lake Pickett Road comprising a rural two lane highway east to Fort Christmas Road. Fort Christmas Road passes east of Lake Pickett, from Lake Mills Road southeast to Coward Ranches. CR 420 overlays Fort Christmas Road from Lake Pickett Road to Fort Christmas Historical Park and SR 50 at the community of Christmas.

A 2,673 acre, $1 billion housing development was proposed along Lake Pickett Road between Tanner Road and CR 419 (Chuluota Road) in 2014. 4,661 units were initially planned for the Lake Pickett North and South developments.1 Orange County commissioners approved the northern project in 2016, which outlined over 2,000 homes. An administrative law judge however ruled in 2017 that Orange County broke growth rules it previously set in approving the development.2

County Road 420 East
Pastureland along CR 420 (Lake Pickett Road) east between Lake Paxton and Lake Tanner. 05/27/20
CR 420 (Lake Pickett Road) east at CR 419 (Chuluota Road). Neither route is acknowledged at their suburban crossroads north of Bithlo. 05/27/20
County Road 420 West
Fort Christmas Road branches northward from SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) at the rural community of Christmas. CR 420 initially heads north 2.2 miles. 09/01/18
County Road 420 westbound at the entrance to Fort Christmas Historical Park. 09/01/18
Fort Christmas Road turns 90 degrees westward at Wheeler Road, the access road to Orlando Wetlands Park. 09/01/18
West Christmas Road parallels CR 420 north from SR 50 to Christmas Creek Environmental Park. Fort Christmas Road overtakes the alignment northwest from Coward Ranches to the Christmas Estates neighborhood. 09/01/18
Fort Christmas Road travels alongside Charles H. Bronson State Forest and the Joshua Creek Conservation area in this scene. 09/01/18
County Road 420 separates from Fort Christmas Road for Lake Pickett Road west. 09/01/18
County Road 420 navigates through a series of S-curves south of Lake Pickett and between two pairs of subdivisions ahead of CR 419 (Chuluota Road). The 2008 realignment shifts the route southwest from Old Lake Pickett Road here. 09/01/18
Chuluota Road originates at SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) to the south near Bithlo. Unsigned as CR 419 in Orange County, the route northwest through Seminole County to Chuluota and the city of Oviedo is marked. 09/01/18
Wide open ranch and pasture land spreads along both sides of Lake Pickett Road between Corner Lake and Ken Bosserman Econlockhatchee River Preserve. The proposed Lake Pickett North "agrihood" development is proposed here. 09/01/18
Lake Pickett Road trends southward from Econlockhatchee River Preserve beside Lake Tanner. 09/01/18
South Tanner Road parallels the Econlockhatchee River southeast 1.6 miles from Lake Pickett Road to a J-turn intersection with SR 50 (East Colonial Drive). 09/01/18
CR 420 (Lake Pickett Road) crosses the Econlockhatchee River and next intersects North Tanner Road to Lake Price and the Stonemeade, Palm Lake Estates and University Estates developments. 09/01/18
Lake Pickett Road turns south at a T-intersection with Percival Road for the final mile back to SR 50 (East Colonial Drive). Percival Road stems north to the College Heights and Palm Lake Estates subdivisions. 09/01/18
State Road 50 is unmarked at the west end of County Road 420 (Lake Pickett Road). Bridgeway Boulevard extends south from the commercialized intersection with CR 420 and Colonial Drive to the Bridge Water development. 09/01/18

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  2. "Developer undaunted by legal challenge, confident east Orange 'agrihood' will succeed." Orlando Sentinel (FL), July 19, 2018.

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