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Two branches of County Road 425 are designated in the Sanford area in Seminole County. The main alignment follows Airport Boulevard northwest 3.495 miles from U.S. 17 & 92 to State Road 46. The southern section comprises a four-lane, divided arterial. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, constructed in 2007-08, extends the arterial northward along side SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) toward SR 46, replacing the two-lane section of Airport Boulevard as the main route from CR 46A (H.E. Thomas, Jr. Parkway). MLK Boulevard was not incorporated into the alignment of CR 425.

The second segment of CR 425 extends 1.62 miles north from the end of CR 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard) along Sanford Avenue. Sanford Avenue comprises a four-lane boulevard northward to SR 46 (East 25th Street), where CR 425 ends.

County Road 425 - Sanford Avenue north
Reassurance marker north of CR 427A (27th Street) west. 03/21/08
Sanford Avenue continues a half mile north from CR 427A (27th Street) to intersect SR 46 (25th Street). 03/21/08
SR 46 (25th Street) leads west a half mile to U.S. 17/92 (French Avenue) where it turns north toward Downtown Sanford. East from the end of CR 425 (Sanford Avenue), the state road travels two miles to Midway and ten miles to Geneva. 03/21/08
County Road 425 - Sanford Avenue south
Sanford Avenue leads 1.6 miles south from Historic Downtown Sanford to become a part of County Road 425 at SR 46 (East 25th Street). 03/21/08
County Road 427A (East 27th Avenue) links CR 425 (Sanford Avenue) with U.S. 17/92, 0.6 miles to the west. 03/21/08
Airport Boulevard crosses CR 425 (Sanford Avenue) at a signalized intersection. Heading east to cargo areas of Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB) and west to SR 417 (Seminole Florida GreeneWay) south and U.S. 17/92, this section of the boulevard is not a part of the second section of CR 425 to the west. 03/21/08
Sanford Avenue curves southwest to become Ronald Reagan Boulevard and County Road 427 just ahead of Lake Mary Boulevard. Another segment of Sanford Avenue stems south from Lake Mary Boulevard to Lake Jesup Park. 03/21/08

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