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County Road 439 travels northward from Dr. Phillips to Ocoee along a 10.9-mile arterial route. The designation is only marked at the north end with Florida State Road 50 (West Colonial Drive).

Following Turkey Lake Road, CR 439 begins at Sand Lake Road (former SR 482) just west of I-4, and leads north to Islands of Adventure and Shadow Bay Park in Orlando. Conroy Windermere Road turns the route west to Lake Down and the town of Windermere.

6th Avenue extends CR 439 west to Main Street north through Downtown Windermere. South Lake Butler Boulevard continues the route north to Park Avenue, where Maguire Road takes over northward to Ocoee and SR 50.

The northern branch of County Road 439 extends northwest to the Ocoee city center from Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526) along Bluford Avenue. McKey Street west, Taylor Street north and Franklin Street west link unsigned CR 439 with SR 437 (Ocoee-Apopka Road) and SR 438 (Franklin Street).

Turkey Lake Road - North
Turkey Lake Road runs along the west side of I-4 by the exchange with SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) and next intersects Westgate Lakes Boulevard to the Westgate Lakes resort. 04/26/15
Hillenmyer Way follows at the succeeding signal northbound to Dr. Phillips Hospital. 04/26/15
Turkey Lake Road curves northwest to a commercialized intersection with Sand Lake Road by the interchange joining SR 482 with Interstate 4. 04/26/15
Sand Lake Road extends west through Dr. Phillips to South Apopka-Vineland Road (CR 435) as the former alignment of SR 482. SR 482 follows the arterial east to Pine Castle and Belle Isle. 04/26/15
County Road 439 North
CR 439 (Maguire Road) advances 0.2 miles north from the west end of Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526) to meet SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). 05/22/20
Maguire Road continues north from CR 439 and SR 50 to Downtown Ocoee. SR 50 (Colonial Drive) head 0.6 miles west to an access road leading to Florida's Turnpike and 0.2 miles east to Bluford Avenue, the north branch of CR 439. 04/11/08
County Road 439 South
The lone confirming marker for Orange County Road 439 stands just south of SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) on Maguire Road in Ocoee. 05/22/20
Maguire Road south intersects the west end of Old Winter Garden Road within a quarter mile of SR 50 (Colonial Drive). Although poorly marked, Old Winter Garden Road doubles as CR 526 east to Orlo Vista and west Orlando. 05/22/20
Continuing south over Florida's Turnpike Maguire Road intersects Tomyn Boulevard at the Brookestone and Villages of Wesmere neighborhoods in south Ocoee. 03/28/08
New traffic lights were installed along Maguire Road at Wesmere Parkway west and Wesmere Village Boulevard east for the eventual Villages of Wesmere development in 2008. 03/28/08
Roberson Road east and Moore Road west come together at a commercialized intersection with Maguire Road. Roberson Road heads west to George Bailey Park and the Cambridge Crossing community in Winter Garden. 03/28/08
Maguire Road enters the town of Windermere just south of the merge with Park Ridge Gotha Road. 03/28/08
Windermere Road stems west from Maguire Road and Schooner Way to Lake Crescent and north to Tomyn Boulevard at Winter Garden. 03/28/08
Park Avenue angles southwest from Maguire Road through west Windermere to become Lake Butler Boulevard ahead of south Winter Garden and the Summerport development. 03/28/08
Maguire Road becomes Main Street beyond the inlet joining Wauseon Bay with Lake Down. Main Street proceeds south from there to succeeding roundabouts with 5th and 6th Avenues. 03/28/08
CR 439 makes an unmarked turn from Main Street south onto 6th Avenue east in Downtown Windermere. 03/28/08
6th Avenue navigates along a strip of land separating Lakes Bessie and Down to the Windermere town line. Conroy Windermere Road takes over for unsigned CR 439 east ahead of the Isleworth golf course community. 03/28/08
Conroy Windermere Road expands into a four-lane commercial arterial ahead of Apopka-Vineland Road. Apopka-Vineland Road (unsigned CR 435) heads south to Dr. Phillips and Lake Buena Vista and north to Gotha and the Pine Hills vicinity. 03/28/08
Hutchinson Morley Road extends north from Conroy Windermere Road at Lincoln Avenue to the Willowwod neighborhood. 03/28/08
Dr. Phillips Boulevard is a four-lane, divided parkway winding south from Conroy Windermere Road through the Dr. Phillips community to Sand Lake Road. 03/28/08
The succeeding signal along Conroy Windermere Road eastbound connects with Fawn Ridge Road south and Hiawassee Road north. Hiawassee Road is a major arterial route north to Turkey Lake Park and Metrowest in Orlando, Orlo Vista and Pine Hills. 03/28/08
Conroy Windermere Road reaches Shadow Bay Park and Turkey Lake Road south. CR 439 turns south onto Turkey Lake Road as Conroy Road begins and continues east to SR 435 (Kirkman Road) and I-4 in Orlando. 03/28/08
Turkey Lake Road navigates around Lake Cane with two overall lanes to Vineland Road. Vineland Road heads east along the north side of Universal Orlando to Kirkman Road. 03/28/08
Turkey Lake Road expands into a four-lane, divided arterial along the west side of Universal Orlando. A series of signalized intersections connect with the theme park starting with Universal Studios Plaza. 03/28/08
Southbound Turkey Lake Road at Production Plaza to Universal Orlando and Woodgreen Drive west to the Orange Tree Country Club community. 03/28/08
Paw Street meets Turkey Lake Road at the signalized entrance to Dr. Phillips High School. 03/28/08
An I-4 trailblazer precedes the intersection with Hollywood Way. Adventure Way links Hollywood Way nearby with Interstate 4 west. 03/28/08
Hollywood Way heads east from Turkey Lake Road and Panther Way to Islands of Adventure, Universal Boulevard and the Universal Orlando parking garages. 03/28/08
Turkey Lake Road south at Universal Orlando's Cabana Bay Beach Resort. 03/28/08
Wallace Road heads east from Dr. Phillips Boulevard to end at Turkey Lake Road across from Universal's Volcano Bay Water Theme Park. Volcano Bay opened in 2017. 03/28/08
Turkey Lake Road south approaches Sand Lake Road at Dr. Phillips. Sand Lake Road east becomes SR 482 through the adjacent interchange with I-4. 03/28/08
County Road 439 North - Ocoee
CR 439 follows Taylor Street northwest from McKey Street to overtake Franklin Street west leading to SR 437 (Ocoee-Apopka Road) and SR 438. This SR 437 / 438 shield assembly was removed by 2011.. 02/29/08
SR 438 turns west from the south end of SR 437 (Ocoee-Apopka Road) and continues a third of a mile to SR 429 (Western Beltway). A small guide sign previously posted here referenced Apopka for CR 437 north. 10/20/18
SR 437 overlaps with SR 438 east for 0.106 miles between Franklin Street and Silver Star Road. The remainder of the state road north along Ocoee-Apopka Road (CR 437) was decommissioned. 10/20/18
County Road 439 South - Ocoee
Franklin Street extends east from SR 438 and SR 437 (Ocoee Apopka Road) as unsigned CR 439 to Taylor Street. 10/20/18
Taylor Street (CR 439) angles southeast from Franklin Street to Kissimmee Avenue south McKey Street and east into Downtown Ocoee. 10/20/18
CR 439 makes an unmarked turn south onto Bluford Avenue from McKey Street in Downtown Ocoee. 10/20/18
A four phase complete streets project reconstructed Bluford Avenue into a landscaped boulevard between Delaware Avenue and Silver Star Road (SR 438) through Ocoee. Costing $9.68 million, in addition to streetscaping, 2018 construction upgraded stormwater and sanitary sewer systems and buried power lines.1 10/20/18
Orlando Avenue stems east from a traffic light with Bluford Avenue to Ocoee Elementary and neighborhoods south of Lake Starke. 10/20/18
Geneva Street extends Story Road east from Maguire Road to Buford Avenue (CR 439) in Ocoee. 10/20/18
Buford Avenue bends southeast 0.6 miles from Geneva Street to cross paths with SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) near Lake Bennet. 10/20/18

  1. Blueford Avenue Reconstruction. City of Ocoee web site, accessed October 24, 2018.

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