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There are two alignments for County Road 484 in the state of Florida. The northern segment travels 28.02 miles between Dunnellon and Belleview in Marion County. The southern section loops through Brooksville in Hernando County along a 12.63-mile alignment north of State Road 50.

County Road 484 East
Heading north from Wiscon and SR 50, Fort Dade Avenue leaves the commercial corridor of Cortez Boulevard into a thickly forested area. 02/09/14
Curving eastward, County Road 484 (Fort Dade Avenue) next intersects the south end of County Road 491 (Citrus Way). 02/09/14
County Road 491 (Citrus Way) heads north to U.S. 98 by Stafford to Lecanto, Beverly Hills and Holder in Citrus County. The drive through Hernando County is rural through a mixture of forest, ranch and mining land. 02/09/14
Fort Dade Avenue continues east from CR 491 directly to Downtown Brooksville. 02/09/14
A forest canopy covers County Road 484 leading east toward the outskirts of Brooksville. 02/09/14
Approaching Hernando County Road 485 (Cobb Road) and the Brooksville city line on Fort Dade Avenue east. 02/09/14
County Road 485 travels north to U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) and south to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) and 50A (Jefferson Street) as a truck route bypass of Brooksville. 02/09/14
Fort Dade Avenue is discontinuous at U.S. 98, with a RIRO intersection joining Ponce De Leon Boulevard and CR 484. U.S. 98 turns east onto Jefferson STreet (SR 50A) to the immediate south. 03/26/18
County Road 484 stems east from U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) into Downtown Brooksville, where it meets Howell Avenue (County Road 445). 02/09/14
An unmarked intersection joins Fort Dade Avenue east with U.S. 41 at this set of flashers. U.S. 41 curves northeast from central Brooksville to the Cloverleaf community nearby. 02/09/14
Fort Dade Avenue becomes Mondon Hill Road. The first reassurance marker for County Road 484 posted since CR 491 follows the intersection with U.S. 41 (Broad Street). 02/09/14
East of Old Jasmine Drive on County Road 484 (Mondon Hill Road). Jasmine Drive was relocated to the east to meet McIntyre Road. 02/09/14
The Good Neighbor Trail multi-use path crosses County Road 484 east of the intersection with Jasmine Drive south and McIntyre Road north. The two roads provide an east side belt route for Brooksville between Cortez Boulevard and Croom Road (CR 480). 02/09/14
Weatherly Road ties into County Road 484 (Mondon Hill Road) south from Croom Road (County Road 480) ahead of this shield assembly. 02/09/14
County Road 484 West
Hernando County Road 484 begins at the intersection with U.S. 98/SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) opposite the end of County Road 541 (Spring Lake Highway). The route initially travels north along Mondon Hill Road before curving west toward Brooksville. 02/09/14
Mondon Hill Road turns west at Soult Road ahead of this reassurance marker. 02/09/14
A bucolic scene along County Road 484 west ahead of Copper Terrace. 02/09/14
WPA Road heads south to link Mondon Hill Road with U.S. 98/SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) east of Bystre Lake. This shield for CR 484 west follows. 02/09/14
Weatherly Road stems north from CR 484 near Bystre Lake to follow a zigzagged route to County Road 480 (Croom Road) west of Withlacoochee State Forest. 02/09/14
County Road 484 is generally unsigned along Fort Dade Avenue through the city of Brooksville. This scene looks at the county road west approaching Cobb Road (CR 485) on the west side of town. 02/09/14
Cobb Road doubles as the truck route for U.S. 98 north to Citrus County and south to SR 50 east. County Road 485 takes Cobb Road north 4.45 miles from Cortez Boulevard to U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) along a mostly undeveloped course. 02/09/14
Fort Dade Avenue continues west from Cobb Road along the periphery of the Cemex mining site to intersect the south end of Hernando County Road 491 (Citrus Way). CR 491 leads north through the mining area to U.S. 98 near Stafford and Lecanto in Citrus County. 02/09/14
Hernando County Road 484 angles southwest beyond CR 491 toward Wiscon. 02/09/14
County Road 484 ends at SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) east of the Suncoast Parkway and Spring Hill. 02/09/14
Fort Dade Avenue extends a short distance further then Cortez Boulevard to end at Wiscon Road. This portion of County Road 484 was decommissioned along with County Road 570 (Wiscon Road). 02/09/14
Wiscon Road doubled as County Road 570 west to SR 50 by SR 589 and east to U.S. 41 in south Brooksville. 02/09/14
Signs for CR 484 and 570 were still posted at Wiscon Road and Fort Dade Avenue in 2014. Wiscon Road is generally rural as it heads east by forest land the Peck Sink Preserve. 02/09/14

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